Stranger Callings

Four people meet when they all end up in an old hotel and they're all there for the same reason; the hotel has a supernatural history, myths have been told about it housing evil spirits and there have even been whisperings of the devil himself appearing. The group at first find nothing, but as strange things begin to happen and they sense an odd unease about the place, they start to realise their situation has become dangerous and it's too late to turn back...


5. Merlo

  Sophie’s mood didn’t improve when we arrived at our room. In fact, she became even quieter, so I left her to sulk. If I tried to talk to her now shed probably just ignore me. She’s naturally like that.

  I unpacked as she flicked through the ten channels our old TV had to offer. The room wasn’t the best. It was plain and dark. There were two beds in the middle, a window on the far wall and a bathroom by the front door. Everything was old fashioned and looked like it was on the verge of death. From the window all I could see was the dark forest that surrounded the hotel. I love woods, but this one scared me. Who knows what could be in it.

  After I’d unpacked and Sophie had finally abandoned the TV, I suggest going down to the hotels bar. For such a miserable place, it had a lot to offer. There was a library, a pool and even a ballroom. I was definitely going to be exploring all of these rooms later. I was hoping for a bit of atmosphere in the bar, we still hadn’t met any other people in the hotel and I was getting a strange feeling that we were alone.

  When we reached the bar, having seen no one on the way down, I was happy to find many of the tables full. There were many couples and groups of friends gathered around the rickety tables, many looked like they were over 50. There were a few younger people dotted around, but no children. However I was shocked by the fact that the room was unnaturally quiet for a bar full of people. Over at the far end of the room was a long bar, behind it were many shelves of different liquors. Sat at the bar were two boys who looked about our age. They seemed to be the only ones who were talking above a whisper in the entire room. ‘Let’s go over there and get a drink.’ I dragged Sophie over to the bar before she could leave; I knew she was itching to run back to the room.

  ‘Why is everyone so old and quiet? It’s like a bloody library in here!’ Sophie is always easily annoyed by the silliest things. Once we’d crossed the sea of murmuring people, we sat at two stools just next to the boys. A bar tender appeared suddenly.

  ‘Can I get either of you a drink?’


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