Stranger Callings

Four people meet when they all end up in an old hotel and they're all there for the same reason; the hotel has a supernatural history, myths have been told about it housing evil spirits and there have even been whisperings of the devil himself appearing. The group at first find nothing, but as strange things begin to happen and they sense an odd unease about the place, they start to realise their situation has become dangerous and it's too late to turn back...


4. Corey

  The taxi journey lasted a lot longer than I wanted it too, by the time it pulled up outside the hotel I was stiff all over. On my way up the slippery path to hotel’s front door, I ran into another boy. He looked about my age which surprised me. I was expecting a hotel full of older, boring people and no fun, but he looked like someone I could chill with if we both got bored. And I could almost guarantee we would.  

 ‘Hey dude, are you staying here too?’ Said the stranger.

‘Yup, I’m Corey, glad I’ve found someone else my age!’

‘Ah, tell me about it! I was worried I’d have to mingle with loads of pensioners, this isn’t exactly the type of place… young people would want to come.’

  As we walked he told me why he was here. This made me more curious about him. He looked like a typical teenage boy, only cared about girls and friends. But no, he was interested in supernatural stuff. He was interested enough to leave his friends and travel to a dull hotel in the middle of nowhere, just for knowledge. We entered the hotel and stood in the middle of the foyer as I told him why I was here. ‘I just heard about all the supernatural stuff here and I wanted to learn more. Weird hotel isn’t it. Guess I just wanted to learn more and get away from my parent for a bit. It’s nice to have a break, you know what I mean?’

  But before the other boy, Hadrian he was called, a voice coming from nowhere made us jump. ‘Can I help you, would you like to be checked in?’ A very creepy looking man had appeared behind the desk at the back of the room. He had definitely not been there when we had arrived and there was no telling how long he’d been standing there. He seemed to be falsely friendly; he made me feel very uncomfortable.

  Haydrian felt uncomfortable too, I could feel it as we both checked in together. We didn’t speak as we walked up the stairs, we could both feel the strange man’s eyes burning into our backs. When we reached the first floor, we both sighed in relief. ‘Well my rooms on the next floor, want to go for drinks in the bar later?’

‘ Sure!’ Said Haydrian as he walked down the corridor to his room, ‘See you in about two hours.’


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