alice in perfect land

Alice in wonderland but slightly different story where every thing is perfect while alice is not and she is soooooooooooooooo mad comperade to all the outher characters


1. sitting under the tree

Alices sisters started to get verry bored Ellie was reading a book with picures "what is the point of a book with consevations or pictures in it."said alice "Very fun actually I have been learnig about alll of the different mad things in the world!"said Ellie "well that exciting NOT" she mummbled to herself as she saw a white rabbit without a waist coat and it wasn't pink! curiouse indeed she followed the white rabbit it went down a rabbit hole instead of a hole up ontop of a tree as alice looked in she fell and she was in she was falling down down down alice found herself falling down a very deep well "who wierd I am going past cupboards and bookshelves im looking aroud me at pictures and maps" after the long fall alice landed on a heap of sticks and dry leafs she tryed to hop out in the mornigs but she coudn't get up so insted she had to jup of, Alice looked aroud for the White rabbit there he was bounceing through the passage way "IM LATE IM LATE I HAVE TO HURRY"the white rabbit hurried of.As Alice followed the white rabbit she came upon a door but it was an rectangle shape instead of a triangle but Alice went in she thought she was at the rabbits house with A ROUND TABLE AND LOTS OF DOORS "well that is unusual a round table instead of wiggly and 25 doors instead of 1 in a house

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