Always Find A Way

Sometimes Love is so strong that it will cross any boundary; distance, race or social divide. Sometime Love is so unique that it will find ways to survive even when in the greatest peril.

Sometimes Love will conquer death.


2. The Dream

Present Day.


It was always the same. Or, at least, the feelings that it evoked were always the same. The screaming would chill her to the bone, the pleading would freeze her to the spot, the noises would bring bile into her mouth and the laughter... Well that would make her scream too.


Jill didn't jolt awake as they do in movies, she was all too familiar with her dream to waste the energy. She closed her eyes and let the intense feelings drain from her body leaving her with the one that was by far the worst, and the one that stayed the longest; depression. Whenever she woke in a cold sweat from the nightmare that involved faceless men and evil-doers she felt drained. The fear she experienced was second only to the extreme, all consuming and, bewildering, feeling of heartache that then led on to the depression. The fact the dream slipped out of her memory as soon as she woke didn't help. She felt if only she could reach the person making the screams, comfort them and hold them, then maybe everything would be alright. She stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before throwing back her duvet, sighing and getting up to face the day.


She yawned as she put the kettle on and dropped a teabag into a mug that said 'Da Worlds Biggest Fottie Fan!' She had long given up trying to count the errors in that sentence. As she sipped her tea she watched the postman down on the street from her flat window. He seemed confused by a letter and was hovering uncertainly as he deciphered an address. Two friends in the local school uniform were chatting as they walked past him on their way to school. A regular customer hobbled down the street and disappeared in to the shop below.


Jill, tea in hand, wandered over to her front door and picked up her newspaper. The benefit of living right above the shop that delivered it was that she always got it first. Back in the kitchen she pulled up a bar stool and sat at the counter by the window. After her nightmare she liked to be as close to the everyday, normal, things as possible. 

She flicked open the paper. Nothing caught her attention so she settled for just doing the crossword. 

A sudden noise made her jump and spill tea over the counter.

'Shit... Shoot... Hello?' She answered her phone but swore some more and didn't hear the reply. 'Sorry. Who is this?' 


'Jill you crazy fool it's Jenna!'


'Oh!' Jill settled back down in her seat and tried to wipe the tea from the kitchen side, the paper and her dressing gown. 'You moo you made me spill tea everywhere.'


'I did? How did I manage that?'


'The phone made me jump, quite literally.' Jill laughed. 


'Aw, I'm sorry honey. Would you like me to ring back now you're expecting the call?'


'No you plonker. What do you want?'


'Charming as ever!' 


'Don't you know it!'


'I want to know how you are sweetie. You got this time off work and you've disappeared to Timbuk-blinking-too!'


'Jen. It's Wales not Timbuktu.'


'Whatever! It's far away and it's on some crazy hunt for something that-' Jenna stopped short with an intake of breath.


Jill's voice had gone icy cold. 'Something that's what, Jenna? Crazy? Stupid? NOT REAL?'


'Sweetie, please calm down. I didn't mean it. You know I'm here for you.'


'Whatever Jenna. If all you've done is ring up to insult me then you're not really "here for me". Are you?'


'No! I mean no I haven't just rung up to insult you. I've rung up to ask for your address!'


'I- my what?' Jill asked wrong-footed. 'What do you need that for?'


'Because, sweet, I'm at the station in Wales and I don't know where you live!'


'I'll be right there.'




Jenna was one of those lovely people that you meet and want to spend time with because she makes you feel good. She asks all the right questions, she listens, laughs, is too loud and larger than life. Tall, striking, with her dark black skin and tightly curled hair she has attitude and isn't afraid to use it. Jill ran up to her and hugged her tight.

'Jenna... I can't believe you've come all this way.' She meant it to sound like a telling off but Jenna heard the strain under the surface. 


Jenna held her at arms length and ran an expert eye over her. 'Sweetie, when was the last time you had a decent meal?'


Jill opened her mouth to give an indignant protest but found words failed her as she actually couldn't remember the last time she had eaten anything except crisps and cereal. She thought she had felt ok but now Jenna mentioned it...


'I am famished.' She said. 'Let's eat?'


Sitting in a McDonalds not far from her flat Jill ate her first hot meal in what seemed like forever. Jenna was watching her closely.


'You're looking peaky.'


Jill rolled her eyes. 'Jen if anyone hasn't had at least two fast food meals in a week then they're looking peaky to you!'


Jenna carefully tore off a bit of her muffin and began shredding it looking at her friend with narrowed eyes.


'This isn't a fucking joke Jill.'


Jill swallowed. 'I think out of everyone I know that the best.'


'I don't think you do.' Jenna replied bluntly. 'Look at it from our point of-'




'Yes! Our! Mine, Gareth's, Natalie's, Flo's, your dad's, our boss, our work colleagues, the bloody Doctor, Jill!'


'Screw the Doctor.'


'You might say that now, Jill, but you're not signed off work forever and if they review in a month and you're still...' Jenna gestured wordlessly, 'Still... like this then they will start doing... stuff.'


Jill felt the strength leave her. 'I know Jen. Heaven knows, I know.'



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