Can Phoenix help the one he loves???


2. Skool

I took my red Mercedes convertible. I bought the car on Saturday. It was a present for my birthday from my mum. As I pulled in the parking lot, everyone turned to see me. luckily my hood was down, everyone`s mouth flew open. I spotted Phoenix grinning at me, I couldn`t help but to smile back at him. When I got out of the car, everyone`s eyes expanded. I was wearing a tank top and shorts which were from Abercrombie and Fitch. I took of my Ray Ban sunglasses and put them in the case. My friend came running up to me,

“Hey, you look hot and your car, whoooooaaaaaa!!!”

“Thanks, I got my car for my birthday it was a present from my mum”

“Your clothes, your bag and your sunglasses all expensive. You certainly got every boy in the school gawking at you including Phoenix.”


I glanced at the direction of Phoenix in my English lesson. He glanced back and smiled at me. I felt my cheeks turn red, I turned around quickly, so that he wouldn`t notice it. At lunch everyone wanted to sit with me. At the far back I saw Summer sitting, waiting for me. I ignored everyone and went straight to her. We talked and laughed. I could feel everyone`s eyes one me. I could guys whisper about me, whist I was walking `She is soooo frickin hot, God!`they whispered. Once I settled on the table Summer whispered,

“You can sit with the other guys if you want, you don`t need to sit next to me”

“I rather sit with you, you have been with me since reception. I will never leave you for anyone else. Now can I have lunch with you?”

“Of course you can. I am sorry for asking you”

“Don`t be”

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