Can Phoenix help the one he loves???


3. Date, Home or Death?

The school day was over before I knew it. I jumped into my convertible and was on my way home. My music was playing. I was enjoying every second. I saw a car coming straight for me. I tried to dodge the car, but I was too late. The car went straight by me and I was on the floor. I was conscious. My eyes were closed and I could hear someone chanting my name. I could feel a hand closed over mine. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn`t. I tried again and my eyes slowly responded. I opened my eyes to see Phoenix crying. He told me everything would be alright, but I knew it wouldn`t. He told me he loved me and I told him I loved him to. He told me that he wanted to ask me out, but never had the guts that made me smile. He planted a kiss on my lips, it felt like a good-bye kiss, I don`t want to leave him, we only just told each other how we felt, I wanted to be together forever. I was put into the ambulance, but was I alive or was I dead?

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