I wrote this on my IPad, so the auto-spell correct might put in words that I don't want. I'll try my best, though, to keep it under control. :)


1. Powerless in the Face of Death

Death is a silly word. It is one that children do not understand and one that adults fear. To me, it is just a word. Nothing more, just letters without meanings. Or, at least it was before...that day, when death became clear to me, when it came into my life, and stole something valuable from me.
The body dangled from a hastily made frame that looked like the thing my friends and I drew whenever we played hangman. But, this wasn't hangman, it wasn't a stick figure suspended in air with an odd...thing hanging over it. This was real.
It was deformed as it swayed in the wind. The body. The hair that had been black before now had brown crusting blood in it, the previously handsome face too ugly to describe, with one of it's eyes gone, a large bleeding cut across the face, and teeth marks on it. The neck was long like a giraffe's from the hanging, and it had red marks on it. The corpse's clothes were mostly ripped apart, revealing the cuts criss-crossing the chest, legs, and arms.
That was it. This was terrible. My father was dead. My mother had died long ago. Her image flashed before my eyes, and I shuddered, remembering her funeral, her body. Now, Father was in the same position as she was. Tears streamed to my eyes quickly, as if they had come to make a futile, anguished attempt to comfort me. But, they did nothing. This was the worst birthday of my life. And I could nothing to change it.
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