Secrets, Lies and a Love in Disguise

Persephone has a normal, quite boring life. She goes to a good school, has some great friends and all the usual problems. But when she ends up in a hotel in a foreign country with One Direction, who she is secretly in love with, her life springs from boring to wild. At first Persephone loves her new life, but as things get more complicated her feelings begin to change...


11. Questions

  Together we walked out of the coffee bar and into the hotel’s foyer. Neither of us really knew where we were going, we just let our feet carry us through the halls and corridors. We continued to talk as we walked. ‘How long are you staying here for?’ Harry asked as we walked up a huge flight of satirs.

  ‘A week, we have like 5 day left.’

  ‘Great, plenty of time left to spenf together.’ He turned slightly towards me and smiled. I blushed a bit and smiled back. Ever sonce I’d first found out about One Direction, I’ve spent my time reading about them and seeing what toher fans have said. I’ve always seen Harry as the one who never really has a girlfriend, as someone who just slept with lots of girls because of course where ever they went they had loads of beautiful girls throwing themselves at them. I didn’t want to end up being a girl he used to have fun on holiday. I didn’t know what to expect. Was Harry just being his usual cheeky self or did he really like me? I wanted to ask him if it was truw, if he really did sleep around. I wanted to know if he’d be able to commit to a relationship. I didn’t know if we were close enough for me to ask shuch personal questions, but I decided I wanted to try anway before I fall to much for him.

  ‘Harry what’s it like for Louis and Liam, with them having girlfriends and you lot getting a lot of, um, girl attention?’ Harry lughed a little when I asked this.

  ‘Well they both love their girlfriends very much, I guess it can be hard for them, but when you care about someone that much I suppose that’s all they care about. They aren’t bothered about other girls.’

  ‘What about you?’ I said. ‘Do you have someone you care about or do you give in to the girl attention?’

  ‘Me? I don’t have anyone, I mean, I have had girlfriends in the past.’

  ‘Do you date them in secret?’ I asked, enjoying finding about more personal things about Harry. It made me feel like we were becoming closer.

  ‘Yes, we all do, we only tell people if we think we are ready. Because, you know, it can be hard for the girlfriends…’

  ‘I know.’ I hesitated, I still hadn’t got the answer I was looking for. Maybe I should just ask the question, be straight with him. Then id get the answer and I would be able to see if he would answer the question, does he trust me enough to tell me such personal things? The best way to find out is to just do it.

  ‘Harry, what are you like? Do you think you would be able to have a relasionship like thiers or do you… are you, um, different?’ That hadn’t gone the way I wanted it too and I think I’d made a complete fool of myself. Harry looked a bit confused at first, but then I think he got the general message. Finally he said something.

  ‘It depends on the girl.’ He winked at me again, but I was too distracted to care. I still hadn’t really got what I wanted, so I tried a new approach.

  ‘It’s just I heard that you, well, slept around a lot.’ Finally I’d gathered up the courage to say what I wanted. I looked closely at Harry, looking for his reaction. However it didn’t seem to faze him, he almost looked like he was expecting it. By now we’d stopped walking and we were standing by a huge window that looked out over the Rocky Mountains. I turned and walked closer to the window; I stopped and stared out at the view. I felt Harry come bad stand next, he was quite close.

  ‘I used to be like that.’ He started slowly. ‘Anyone would. But after a while, I realised I was being stupid. It’s not right to treat people like that and when I saw how happy Liam and Louis are, I guess I was jealous of them. I love having a girlfriend, having someone to look after, but because of my life now it hard to find someone who genuinely likes me for me. Not for the boy from the band.’ I didn’t know what to reply. I could tell he was telling the truth and I was touched by how genuine he seemed to me know. I knew he would be able to handle a relationship, maybe even want a relationship. I felt quite bad for accusing him of being a bit of a man whore. ‘But anyway, it’s like I said, it all depends on the girl. If you find someone and you know they’re special, you’d do a lot for them. You know?’ I beamed up at him, happy with his answer. He smiled back and moved closer to me. I felt his hand near mine and I really wanted to reach out and grab it, but I stopped myself. We both stood in silence for a while looking out the window, until Harry put his arm around my shoulders and steered me away from the window so we could continue our walk.


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