Secrets, Lies and a Love in Disguise

Persephone has a normal, quite boring life. She goes to a good school, has some great friends and all the usual problems. But when she ends up in a hotel in a foreign country with One Direction, who she is secretly in love with, her life springs from boring to wild. At first Persephone loves her new life, but as things get more complicated her feelings begin to change...


10. Little secret

  I had a great sleep that night. It was full of dreams and in these dreams I was sat round a table, talking, with One Direction. Then after Harry gave me his number and kissed me. When I woke up I got that feeling you get after a good dream, when you know it’s not real and you have to go back to your normal life. But then I remembered, it wasn’t just a dream. That had really happened. Then suddenly I was stupidly happy, finally something good was happening to me.

  I was super excited about seeing Harry again later; it’s all I could think about when I was skiing. It did cross my mind that perhaps I should enjoy the skiing more and spend less time thinking about a boy. I had also thought about how it was unlikely I’d see Harry after this holiday. He is a very famous, attractive person. He has girls throwing themselves at him all the time. He could date loads of also super famous people and I didn’t see how I could be worth more than them to him. But this is a once in a life time opportunity, I decided the…well closer we got the better. That didn’t mean I was going to be easy. I would treat him like any other boy. I want him to prove himself to me, if he even is that interested in me. I really hoped he was.

  I felt sick with excitement on the bus back to the hotel. We’d had lunch on the slopes and I was afraid it would make reappearance. I was very nervous; Harry and I would after all be alone. Anything could happen. I made sure I looked better than I did yesterday. When we got back I had a quick shower and got dressed.  Dad and Bryony decided to take a walk into Banff and Mum went to the spa again. I told them I was going to go for a swim, I waited until they’d all left then I put on a bit of makeup and began to wander down to the same coffee bar. I arrived at about the 3 o’clock, the same time we came here yesterday, and to my surprise Harry was already sat at a table. When I came in, he rose and waved at me. A huge smile had suddenly planted itself on his face and he was looking at me like me hadn’t expected me to arrive. I power walked over to him. When I got to him we had the slight awkward moment of confusion were we didn’t know what to do. Finally Harry pulled me in for a hug and we both sat down laughing.  We had a smaller table than yesterday and because there were only sofas in the coffee bar, we had ended up sitting next to each. We both had to turn at an odd angle to face each other, but I didn’t mind. I liked being near him, it made me feel safe and comfortable. He smelt really good too. When we had got comfortable he turned to me, sighed and said ‘Hello! You look… great! How have you been?’ I was slightly taken aback by his greeting. It almost sounded like a thing you would say to a date…

  ‘Haha,’ I laughed nervously. ‘Thanks. I’m great! What about you? What have you been doing all morning?’ It was quite boring, typical conversation. I was hoping we wouldn’t have any awkward silences. I can’t handle them.

  ‘I just chilled with the boys all morning, it was cool. I must say, Niall seemed quite eager to come. Luckily the boys made him go to Banff with them. I think he likes you, you know.’ I didn’t know how to reply to this, is it normal for a boy to talk about other boys liking you if he himself likes you?

  ‘Well, Niall’s… sweet.’ A look of jealousy swept across Harry’s face, but before he could reply the waitress came to take our order. We asked for our drinks and waited until shed gone to speak again.

  ‘So tell me what’s your life like in England? Where about do you live, what school do you go to? Friends…boyfriends?’ I blushed a bit, but I answered all his questions. I talked for ages about my home, all my friends, my school and how I didn’t have a boyfriend. He was very polite, he sat and listened through the whole thing and I was careful not to bore him. When I finished talked, it was my go to talk about him.

  ‘What about you? What’s your life like now?’ He talked like his life was boring compared to mine. But I learnt that he is busy all the time with work. Interviews, travelling, photo shoots, concerts and more. Whenever they can, him and the boys relax or go clubbing, but this holiday is the first chance to relax they’ve had in ages. During the conversation, Harry had shuffled closer to me; the distance between us was now very small.

  ‘Hey, I haven’t seen your family yet, where are they now?’ Harry had moved onto a subject I’d rather not talk about. Should I tell him they don’t know that One Direction are in the same hotel, that they don’t even know where I am right now? I could lie, tell him they know exactly where I am and they are just letting me get on with it. I decided the truth was best.

  ‘Well my Dad and sister are in Banff and my Mum’s at the spa,’ I said, not wanting to go on.

  ‘They might see the boys if they’re in Banff! I hope your family don’t mind me stealing you away from them for a while.’ He said with a cheeky smile.

  ‘Haha, um well... they don’t actually know I’m here. I just didn’t tell them I met you.’

  ‘Oh really,’ Harry’s face had gotten even cheekier. ‘So I’m your little secret.’

  I blushed so much I swear I must’ve looked like a tomato. His green eyes were looking straight into my mine.  I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want to embarrass myself or ruin the moment. I finally managed to say something, even though I probably sounded ridiculous. ‘I guess you are.’ Then I smiled, I couldn’t really hide how happy I was. I felt very close to Harry in that moment.

  I suddenly realised Harry and I had been sat in silence staring at each other for a little bit too long. And he realised at the same moment. He quickly smiled. ‘Want to take a walk?’


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