Secrets, Lies and a Love in Disguise

Persephone has a normal, quite boring life. She goes to a good school, has some great friends and all the usual problems. But when she ends up in a hotel in a foreign country with One Direction, who she is secretly in love with, her life springs from boring to wild. At first Persephone loves her new life, but as things get more complicated her feelings begin to change...


6. Lifting experiences

  Bryony and I both woke up at about 6am the next morning thanks to jet lag. For two hours we sat watching TV since sleeping was out of the question and it seemed too early to do anything else. At 8 mum came in to check on us. By the sound of it her and dad had woken up early too. Since it wasn’t too early any more we all got showered and dressed to go down to breakfast. We left the room at 8:30, all of us very hungry. My family talked about the day a head, but I was in a world of my own. All I could think about was the possibility of meeting my dream boys.

  We ate at the little coffee bar in the foyer. It was full of people getting ready for the day of skiing ahead and I have to admit I was also starting to get excited. After breakfast mum and dad dragged us over to the front desk so we could ask about buses to the mountains and which ski resorts where the best. I got bored quickly, so I took a key and left for the room. I called a lift and step inside, pressing my floors number. The doors shut, but just as they were about to close a hand slipped in, forcing them to open again. I rolled my eyes. Stupid person, there were four other lifts for god sakes, where they really that impatient? I looked up, ready to glare at the idiot that had disturbed me. However, my anger quickly turned to shock. My blue eyes had met a gorgeous pair of green ones, a pair that I recognised instantly.

  Harry Styles slid in to the lift and pressed a button on the panel. I realised he was going to the floor just above me. ‘Hey,’ he said.

  I was so frozen, I took me a long time to force out a quick, stiff ‘Hi..’ I tried to relax my face, but I felt myself blushing. The lift began to rise.

  ‘Are you staying here too?’ He had turned to face me and was looking at me with a slight, adorable smile on his face.

  ‘Me, oh, um… yes.’ I knew I sounded stupid, but I just couldn’t relax. It felt so strange, that someone so famous, so perfect, was standing next to me trying to have a normal convocation. And I was acting like an absolute idiot.

  ‘Well, me too. I’m Harry by the way.’

  ‘I’m Persephone, um Seph. Just call me Seph.’ The lift reached my floor.

  ‘That’s a very pretty name, maybe I’ll see you around?’ the doors opened. I turned to him and nodded slightly while smiling stupidly. I exited the lift and turned just before the doors closed again. He smile widely and waved. I was waved awkwardly back. I stood transfixed, looking stupidly at the lift as it closed and began to rise again. Then I walked back to my room, but I felt like I was sleep walking. My emotions where stuck in between happy, embarrassed and shocked. I opened my door and threw myself on my bed. Everything that had just happened replayed in my head. That was possibly the best lift ride of my life.


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