Secrets, Lies and a Love in Disguise

Persephone has a normal, quite boring life. She goes to a good school, has some great friends and all the usual problems. But when she ends up in a hotel in a foreign country with One Direction, who she is secretly in love with, her life springs from boring to wild. At first Persephone loves her new life, but as things get more complicated her feelings begin to change...


3. Home At Last

  The plane journey passed by quickly. All I did through out the flight was sleep, eat and watch films. I was pretty bored at times, but the on flight entertainment kept me going.

  Once we'd finally landed in Calagery, which is a few miles away from Banff we we'd be staying, my sister took advantage of the free wifi to check her twitter. 'OMG Sephy, look at this!' she screeched, recieving lots of odd stares from passersby.

  'What Bryony?' I replied unenthusiatically, oh I forgot to tell you, my sisters name is Bryony is you haven't already relised.

  'One Direction are here! Here in Canada! OMG!'

  'What OM- I mean, um, so?' I only just managed to hide my sheer excitment.

  'They're somewhere in Canada, wow, I wonder where they're staying? How cool would it be if we saw them!' It would be amazing in we saw them, I could only imagine how perfect it would make my holiday. But knowing my luck, they'd be at the other side of the country. I'd be so close to them, but so far.

  Anyway, we collected our luggage and went outside to catch a bus that would take us to our hotel. We were going to stay in  Banff Springs, a gorgeous hotel nestled in front of the mountains. It looks just like a castle, actually is was a castle. There are beautiful rooms and halls all over, it almost didn't feel like a hotel. I loved it.

  The bus finally came, we all got on and it set off pretty quickly. I was too excited to sleep anymore, so I spent the journey looking out the window. As I watched the country whizzing by, thoughts began to drift into my head. I wish my life was this interesting all the time, I wish I had something or someone to live for. These sound like such depressing thoughts, but it's true. I do get very bored in my life and as much as I hate to admit it, I've always thought having someone to love and someone to be loved by would make it a bit better. But thats not going to happen anytime soon.

  I should've napped on the bus, I knew I'd be tired later. My head was too full to sleep anymore though, so I just let my thoughts carry me. One thing I have to be grateful for, however, is the knowledge that for one week I didn't have to think about all my problems back at home. No school, no work, no more annoying people. Just me, my family and some fabulous mountains just begging to be skiied. It was just like my own little heaven.

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