Secrets, Lies and a Love in Disguise

Persephone has a normal, quite boring life. She goes to a good school, has some great friends and all the usual problems. But when she ends up in a hotel in a foreign country with One Direction, who she is secretly in love with, her life springs from boring to wild. At first Persephone loves her new life, but as things get more complicated her feelings begin to change...


4. Dreams Come True

  Finally the bus pulled into the familliar drive. It turned round the round about, past a statue of a tubby man and into the road at the front of the doors. We got off the buss and watched the driver unload our cases. We grabbed them and wheeled them inside and went to check in. 'Crap!' My mum suddenly exclaimed.

  'What? You did book a room didn't you?' I replied, slightly worried.

  'Seph of course I did, but I've just reliase I've left my phone on the bus. Ooh dear, lucky I've got the bus companies number.' She walked down the huge foyer to call the company. My dad continued to check in. By the time we'd got our room sorted, mum was back. 'The bus driver's on his way back, luckily he's kind enough to return it. He'll be here soon, Seph will you wait here for him to come and drop of the phone. We can take the cases up to the room then.'

  'Um, okay sure, just leave me a room key!' My parents gave me a room key and lugged the cases over toward the elevator. I drifted over to the chairs by the window, across from the checkin in desks and whipped out my phone. Using the hotel's wifi, I scrolled through my twitter.

  Suddenly a familiar voice floated from the check in desk to my ears, forcing me to perk up my head a bit. Where did I reconise it from? It was a sweet voice, with a heavy irish accent. I listened closer to hear what the voice wa saying. '-and such a peaceful place to, no screaming fans. Although I will miss our girls. But at least out here I might get a chance to finsih that tune I've been working on!' As I listened more voices joined the convosation.

  'C'mon boys!' Replied another, this voice was familiar too. High with a reconisable Doncaster sound to it. 'We've been given this week to relax, lets all just chill out. All I wanna do is sleep. Forget work!'

  'I know,' said the first voice. 'I just wanted to finish my song.'

  The next voice to speak reminded me where I'd heard these voices before,the next voice made my heart flutter with excitment. I'd spent ages wishing I'd hear this voice in real life. It was a beautiful, rich voice. Quite posh, a strong Cheshire accent, but it never failed to warm my body. 'Guys, just check in, I want to see my room... and call my mum.'

  And right there in that minute all my dreams came true. Becuase standing right infront of me, all alone, with no fans or girlfriends, were the people I'd kill to be with. Right before me stood the perfect One Direction.

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