The hunt

They are hunting me. I will die if they catch me. And they are probably going to catch me... I will not last long.


3. Masacre

As I stand next to my human friend, I look at the town the hunters have destroyed. Dwarves-mothers, children, fathers elderly- are piled up in a huge bloody heap. So the rumours are true. Human hunters kill dwarves as well as animals. I have never assumed this was true. But it is. Next to me, the boy whimpers in his little voice. Clearly, seeing these dead villagers disturbs him. I feel as if it is my fault the hunters got this far. But right now,as I turn away from the devastating death in front of me, I tell myself that no, this is not my fault the hunters had a chance to kill these dwarves. No,my duty is to protect the human with my life, not citezens of the Storm Kingdom from hunters of the Modern Kingdom.

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