Live beyond death and need

Alex is the new girl in Apple Valley California having come all the way from Ireland to live with her hot new step brother and step dad. She never hesitates to speak her mind, especially when its to tell a guy he's smoking, which is what usually gets her in trouble but her puppy dog eyes always get her out of it! Except the town is not what it seems and neither is she.


1. The newbie

I was standing knee deep in snow, staring up at a large eighteenth century mansion. Ivy was trailing up to the roof covering up centuries old window frames and succeeded in giving the house an eerie look I thought was only possible in movies. “Eeekk” the door hinges screeched as they swung open to reveal a woman dressed in 18th century finery,  her hair was the first thing that caught my eye, it was like a huge grey birds nest on top of her head with coloured feathers poking out at all angles. She was wearing a royal blue dress with gold trimmings, her cheekbones were covered in blusher and her eyes, her eyes made me shiver. It felt like she was able to see right through me, to my soul to my deepest darkest secrets. Though she was far from me I could feel the coldness of her look and the darkness within her leaking out. She signalled at me to follow her, against my better judgement my body moved forward eager to follow her into the house. I followed her into a room that looked like it once could have been elegant; there was a stunning grand piano in the corner, a lit hearth by the window which took away the eerie feel and a grand glass chandelier with candles instead of bulbs. She was lying on a lounge like a queen would:

“Sit child, don’t be frightened. I won’t hurt you… yet.”

“Do I know you?”

“Not yet child but you will. You won’t want to know me but you don’t have a choice you are mine and I’ll make sure I get you.” She cracked a wicked smile that was gone in a flash when the chandelier started to shake.

There was a loud bang as a mob of men crashed into the room and she disappeared. I started to feel light headed and just before I blacked out I felt a pair of strong arms grab me around my waist and I  tried to catch a glimpse of my hero’s face……. ________________________________________________________________

“Alex, get up. You are going to be late for your first day at high school.” “Ugh, that doesn’t sound too bad to me; I wasn’t the one who dragged us half way across the world.” I hissed at my mum as she tried to wake me up.

I was still trying to be mad at her, but I couldn’t really blame her. I want her to be happy and all after my dad died 3 years ago but did that really mean get married to a guy who lives in a whole new part of the world? They met while he was on a business trip to Dublin, I have been here one week and I already miss Dublin.  

“Hunny, you’ll learn to love it here, it’s different, and you once told me you would love to see an American high school.

“I miss secondary school.” I winked at her and pulled the covers off.

My mum looked at me with sad eyes, sighed and stormed out of the room. She never seems to get my sarcasm.

“Hmm, what to wear,” I said to myself, I talked to myself a lot.

Perfect: jeans, tank top, cardie and flats, since I always had to wear a uniform before dressing up for school was never going to be my thing.

“Alex I made you French toast, come down and get it.” My mum roared up the stairs to, yummy.

I grabbed my phone and school bag and raced down the stairs, the sweet smell of maple syrup drew me over to the counter.

“Alex, I know you blame me for falling in love with your mom and taking you from your home and I thought this might soften the blow.” Jason, my new stepdad, said while waving a set of keys in my face.

“If that’s keys to my own car, hate to tell you but I can’t drive. You can’t drive till your 17 in Ireland and I wasn't really bothereed to learn back then! ” I smirked, Jason was actually a pretty cool guy but he tried way too hard and kept flashing money around like it grew on trees.

“I know you can’t drive but I thought it would give you and incentive to learn and maybe give you and Tyler some bonding time since he’ll be teaching you.”

Great… Tyler was my new step brother; he was a year older and so flipping obnoxious.

“Fine let’s see this car.” I said after devouring my last slice of French toast.

I walked out to the driveway and there was sitting a red mini convertible.

“Cute, very cute. Does Tyler have to drive it too?” That would seriously make my day.

“Not usually but since it’s your first day, he is going to drive you to school in it.”

Day sincerely made, his friends are going to piss themselves when they see him drive it into the school parking lot.

“How much did you have to pay him to agree with that?!”

“Oh ehhh, well he emmm. Tyler get out here or you’ll be late.” 

Tyler was wearing a t-shirt too tight for him, just to show off his massive arm muscles. He has blond curly hair and dark green eyes and he was almost 6’5. I thought he was super-hot until I saw him eat; he slurps with food all over his face. It’s a wonder how his girlfriend got past the first date with him!

“Listen here’s what’s going to happen, I don’t want you going anywhere near my friends, since I’m officially your older brother I have to protect you from the scumbags they can be. You can hang out with me today since I don’t want to be associated with a loner but get friends quick so we can pretend we don’t know each other.” Tyler said as he pulled out of the driveway.

“You do know that whole speech was contradictory, it started off sweet and ended very assholish. You don’t need to worry about me, I can handle myself.”

“You know assholish is not a word right?” He smirked at me.

“Obviously. I like to make my own words up. Sometimes the English dictionary lacks the right word.”

“You know I think I was wrong about you. You are not boring are you? You’re weird; I think we might get along after all.”

“Yeah you wish!” I smirked right back at him and he burst out laughing.

I went in a huff and turned up the radio to show him I didn’t like being laughed at. Secretly I don’t think he is a bad guy.

About 20 minutes later he pulled in front of a large two story building with a huge car park and running track out front. Good thing too since I won 1st place in the state cross country competition last year. He pulled into the furthest possible parking space from the school.

“You know I am just going to tell all your friends at lunch anyway right?!”


“You wouldn’t dare!”

“You’ll see. You are going to get to know me and my conniving ways pretty quick.” I smiled sweetly at him and he tried to suppress a smile but failed and grinned right back at me.


“Remind me not to get on your bad side then.”

We walked towards the school and into a hallway of ugly grey lockers.

“Tyler!” A pretty thin blonde girl screamed towards us.


“Ouch, I think you burst my eardrums.” I said as she ran into Tyler’s arms.

“Excuse me what did you just say?” She glared at me with piercing blue eyes.

“I just said I think you burst my ear drums with that scream.” As I said it Tyler and a few other guys who had joined us laughed.

“Well I’ll have you know that...”

“Katy babe, this is Alex, my new stepsister. Be nice.”

“Man, you never told us she was smoking.” A guy to my right said, he wasn’t bad looking himself, he was a pretty boy with longish brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.

“Aw how sweet, too bad I only go for manly men.” I winked at the boy to my right.


“Ouch man, you just got burnt, bad. Alex that douchebag is Jason, to his right is Neil and to his left Luke.”

Neil was definitely a many man with huge strong arms, wide shoulder, dark short hair, almost black eyes and the highlight of his face anyway a beautifully square jawline. I could almost not tear my eyes off his until our eyes met and he smirked obviously enjoying me undressing him with my eyes. I tore my eyes of him to look at Luke who was also very similar to Neil without the rugged look.

“Are you two brothers I pointed to Neil and Luke? Twins even?”


“Yeah we are.” Neil said, wow his voice was hot too, very deep and alluring. Ok Alex Stop, get over yourself.

“Cool, well I better go to the office to get my locker and stuff.” I looked at my step brother. “I’ll see you losers at lunch then.” He laughed and nodded.


Oh that boy was so fine! As I was thinking this I walked right into the chest of another guy.

“Shit, sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” I smiled up at the scrawny kid with big glasses.


“No it was my fault. So sorry.”  He seemed very nervous.

“Kid don’t worry about it.”


I asked him where the office was and he pointed to a door right beside me. I said thanks and waltzed right into the office.

“Ah you must be Alex, your mother was ringing us constantly just to make sure it was ok you dropping in half way through the year.” Whoa sarcastic much?

“Right well I am Mr Barrett and here is your locker number and timetable. My door is always open if you have any problems which I assume there is none and you can go now.” He smiled


I walked out of the office stunned, not even my old principle was that bad. I looked at my timetable ugh, Algebra first thing on a Monday morning. I am awesome at it; I just don’t really like it.

“Hey, are you Alex?” a voice said from behind me.


“Depends who’s asking.” I looked up at a 6 foot tall guy with auburn hair and again big arms. “Is it something they put in the water? Because I mean 90% of the guys I saw this morning were huge and good looking.”

He laughed at me and said “nah we are just naturally beautiful. Anyway I’m Dave your tour guide.”

“Ah well since I am going to be late, think you could show me where my algebra class is and give me the tour later?”


“Sure since I am in the same class as you, you any good at algebra?”

“Yeah I am awesome at it. You?”


“Wow no modesty? I’m alright at it.”

“None whatsoever I like to say things as they are or didn’t you notice when I told you, you were hot?” I smiled at him, I was kind of testing him to see if he would cringe or not. He didn’t.


“I like it” He grinned goofily at me as he led to into a classroom.

The teacher wasn’t there yet so we sat down at the back. I sat down beside a tough looking dude while he tried to own the room and glared at me when I sat down.


“What? Don’t like sitting beside a girl, afraid I have cooties?” I laughed at him and he stood up to try and intimidate me.

“No one talks to me like that.” He growled at me. I burst out laughing.


“Did you just growl at me? Oh wow that was funny. Now stop being an idiot. You don’t intimidate me and you never will. I lived beside a murderer for 5 years before he was caught.” He was so caught off guard that he sat down in a daze.

Every single person in the classroom was staring at me in awe I think and I turned to look at Dave who was also staring at me but not in awe more like in amusement.


“Settle down class, we have a lot of work to do today and oh we have a new student. Alex would you like to come up here and talk about yourself?”

“I would absolutely love the Ms.?”

“Ms. Lively.”


“Right so, as Ms. Lively has already said my name is Alex, I am 17 and I just moved here from Dublin, Ireland, as my mum married Tyler Jones’s Dad. I am guessing from all your faces that you know Tyler; well he’s a slob by the way. Anyway… I would like to point out that they guys here are way hotter than normal. Any reason for that?”

There was only the sound of Dave’s laughter filling the silence after I’d finished my speech and went to sit down.

The rest of my morning classes went pretty quickly with only one class not with Dave where I chatted with a shy girl named Carly. At lunch Dave found me and asked if I wanted to hang with him and his friends but I told him I’d already said I sit with Tyler and I would sit with him tomorrow besides I wanted some more eye candy called Neil.

“Alex, over here.”


I looked up from staring at my plate of ghastly food to see Tyler shouting at me from across the canteen. I walked over to their table which was full of cheerleaders and jocks. I rolled my eyes at the stupid stereotypical lunch table.

“Wow is your girlfriend a cheerleader and all of you are jocks? How original” I said in a mock tone to my stepbrother but he just ignored me.


“Oi I am not a jock, I don’t like being called one thank you very much.” The sex god smirked at me.

“Oh good well at least the hot one is not a jock.”


“You know you said that out loud right?”

“Yeah I know, just saying it like I see it. You’re hot but your ego could not take much more compliments so that is the last thing I say about it.” I smiled at him and he smiled back.

I sat down on the bench beside him and every girl at the table glared at me.


“Wow I can see when I am not wanted. Guessing you all want a chance with this punk over here but let me tell you ladies with all the steroids he’s got to be taking his package will be tiny.” I laughed as every girl looked absolutely shocked and all the guys pissed themselves laughing. Luke even fell of his chair he was laughing so hard.

“High five me right now girl. I think I am in love with your stepsister Tyler.”

Luke smirked at me as he crawled back onto his seat.


“I will have you know I have a very large package.” Neil huffed at me, he looked about to explode.

“Man there is just no comeback to that.” Jason smirked at his friend as he got off his seat and walked away in a huff.


“Aw baby I am sorry I didn’t mean to scare my eye candy off” I winked at Luke as Neil gave me the finger.

“Things are seriously starting to get interesting around here.” Tyler smiled at me.


“Yeah it’s my awesomeness that radiates. I am going to go say hi to Dave.”

“Dave Pender? Babe you know you have everything you need right here.” Jason eyed me.


“Again Jason, you’re just too girly, sorry.” I cooed as I patted his head.” Before I go I need to inform you that Tyler is driving a girl car to and from school today and probably all week, he tried to hide it but not possible with moi” I smiled up at Tyler who everyone was now laughing at.

I walked over to Dave’s table and plonked myself down beside him.

“I thought you were hanging out with Tyler’s gang?”


“I was but the sex god walked away so you were second best.” I winked at him and stole a fry from his plate.

“Everybody this is the new girl Alex, yes she does always talk like this. Alex this is Amy, Amy’s boyfriend Cory, Lynn, Lance, Will and Ivan.”


“I really need to start drinking from the taps here, don’t I?!”

Cory, Lance, Will and Ivan were good looking too but not exceptionally like Neil or Dave. It was the girls I made the comment about. Amy had long silky smooth black hair with piercing emerald green eyes and Lynn had a short brown cropped bob that shaped her heart shaped face perfectly and beautiful big eyes.


“Who are you calling sex god?” Amy smiled her brilliantly white teeth smile at me.

“Neil, I just embarrassed him in front of a table of cheerleaders and his friends so he walked off in a huff!”


“Oh god what do you say to him? That man is smoking hot.”

“Oi Amy, you boyfriend is sitting right here.”


“I am allowed look babe.” She quickly kissed him on the lips to stop him from being mad.

“I told the girls that his package is probably tiny from all the steroids.”


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you are certainly something. You guys should have seen how she handled Kevin in algebra this morning and that guy is terrifying!”

We talked for the rest of lunch about Kevin, Neil and other guys they think I needed to take down a peg or too.


At the end of lunch I went to put my try away when Kevin walked up to me and grabbed my arm;

“I want you.”


“Huh? You want me?”

“Yes I want you and I always get what I want so you can either let me have you or I’ll have to make you do as I say.”


“Oh wow. You are really that desperate to get laid that you have to threaten a girl. Obviously I didn’t make it clear enough this morning but YOU do not intimidate me so threaten all you like because it is never going to happen.” I said as I yanked my arm free from his grasp and walked away.

“I always get what I want Alex.” He screamed at me from the spot I left him at.

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