The Trap Door

A story about two friends who search for an adventure in the rain.


5. Vision

The water barely rippled. Some of the warmth in Jesk's deepest senses evaporated with disappointment. But he did not remove his finger from the strange liquid. He leaned further over the stone basin, peering into its bowels for some trace of the power he had felt course through his every nerve. But still his reflection eluded him.


Without a word, Eryana bent over the pool and followed his gaze to the bottom. She examined every bump in the rock, every fissure, every depression, as she knew his eyes had done and were probably doing again. The surface of the water had returned to glass, despite the intrusion of Jesk's finger, and without thinking she dipped her own into the still liquid. This time it did not ripple. Instead, Eryana saw her reflection.

The two friends' eyes met in surprise, a quick exchange of acknowledgment. In that very instant the water began to spiral and their reflections were blended together in the strange vortex.


"I knew there was something here!" Jesk exclaimed.

"Jesk, look!" Eryana gasped.


The spiraling abated as quickly as it had started, and the water became smooth again, a thin vapor rising from its surface. Yet as the two friends watched, the vapor took shape, transforming into two ghost-like apparitions. With every second thereafter, the forms became more defined until at last Jesk and Eryana were looking down upon a young man and woman that appeared so lifelike they could have been real were it not for their small size. They stood, at the most, a foot tall.

From opposite ends of the mist the two characters walked towards each other and then embraced, a heart-felt gesture that suggested deep friendship. As the two parted, the man took the woman's hand into his own and kissed it gently. The woman blushed and a familiar smile graced her lips, a dimple appearing near one corner of her mouth. Their eyes met, and the two walked hand in hand across the surface of the basin. All of the sudden the man started laughing, amused by something the maiden may have said perhaps, though Jesk and Eryana could only guess. Composure returning, the young man reached up and ran a hand through his tousled hair.


"This is unbelievable," Eryana stammered, finally finding her voice. "It is like we are watching someone's dearest memory."

"Eryana," Jesk pulled his gaze away from the image, bewildered by what he was seeing, almost afraid to acknowledge the sudden realization forming in his mind. "Eryana, those two people are us!"


Her eyes widened as she leaned closer to the apparition, disbelieving. "It's impossible, Jesk. They are much older than we are," she protested, though recognition danced through her thoughts as she caught a glimpse of the young man's deep green eyes. Then, a child of only a few summers scampered across the pool to greet the meandering couple who welcomed her with open arms. Smiling, the woman picked up the child and swung her in circles time after time until both were dizzy. When she finally stopped, the young maiden casually pulled a shimmering lock of golden hair away from her eyes.

The image was too much. At the same time, Jesk and Eryana pulled their fingers out of the water and stumbled backwards away from the basin. In an instant the apparition disappeared.


Stunned, the two friends met each other's eyes, each surprised to see a warmth neither had ever noticed before. Jesk could feel his entire body trembling through distant detachment as his mind raced to make sense of what he had just seen. Alien emotions stirred within his body as he recalled the image that had been not of the past, but of the future—of his future. It was terrifying, yet it made sense. Jesk's thoughts reeled—the entire apparition portrayed a concept he had never even considered. But now as he looked upon the girl standing next to him who looked to be as confused as he was, Jesk saw for the first time a girl more beautiful than any he had ever lain eyes upon. All at once the apparition became a probable prospect of his future.

Before either of them could say anything, their words tangled in a mess of confused comprehension a crash sounded from behind them.

"The trap door!" Eryana shrieked, racing for the darkened stairwell.

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