Mermaid's Lust

Ava Goldhawk lived in England before she met Lucifer, a small gold dragon. The pair become friends at once, but when her people find out and she is forced to flee, her and Lucifer find them selves held captive by the infamous Skovsgaard in Denmark, can they escape together?
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4. The Quest

After a brief descend, we stopped and landed in a small underwater building, seemingly made out of water, yet inside was completely dry. For the first time I could see what had been pulling me down, he was a small boy about three feet high, with bright sea blue eyes, and medium-length turquoise hair, also his hands and feet were webbed and I noticed gills on his neck. 

what is he? I asked Lucifer

A water imp. His name is Hyacintho, he is a good friend of mine. We can trust him.

"Hello Hyacintho, why have you brought us down here?" I asked him.

"Greetings Ava Goldhawk. I brought you down here to help you. I hear you are trying to escape from two evils. I am willing to help if I can." 

"thank you, you're help would be appreciated, but how do you know this and how can you help us?"

"Skovsgaard is an arrogant man, who likes to show off, you hear when he has a new weapon, such as a dragon. I can tell you what you need to do to find peace, and that means getting rid of Skovsgaard, because he will search for you until he finds you."

"Okay, what should we do?" I smiled, I wanted to live in peace more than anything, ever since Lucifer had come I had been constantly running away. But I wasn't going to give up Lucifer for anything.

"You must find the ship Mermaid's Lust, that will lead you to safety and is the fastest ship in the whole ocean. Also it can only be helmed by a Dragon Lord and can be crewed by just the pair. Then you must find the Stellislux Crystal, you can use that to rid this world of Skovsgaard, he has some evil blood in him and I do not think death we destroy him..." He sighed. "I am worried, if no one stops him then he will destroy this world."

"Okay, we will begin this quest immediately, where might you recommend  we start?" 

"You should seek out Ismerelda, queen of the faeries. I believe Lucifer will be able to find her without too much problem." He replied.

"Thank you Hyacintho. How can we repay you?" I said smiling. Hyacintho shook his head and grinned.

"Luc once got me out of a sticky situation." Was all he said. Then he disappeared.


Long story. Anyway we must try to reach the surface and contact Ismeralda,

With one claw he grabbed my arm and with his others he swam powerfully upwards towards the surface - it was amazing just how strong he was for such a little dragon. I was suddenly very worried, because at the surface, we would still be in the middle of the sea, trapped. Sensing my unnerve, Lucifer stopped and turned around to face me, still holding onto me. And said, as if reading my mind:

Don't worry, I have thought that through . I have a friend....

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