Mermaid's Lust

Ava Goldhawk lived in England before she met Lucifer, a small gold dragon. The pair become friends at once, but when her people find out and she is forced to flee, her and Lucifer find them selves held captive by the infamous Skovsgaard in Denmark, can they escape together?
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3. Glass Cage

Sunrise approached. Lucifer was stood on his hind legs looking out of the porthole window. Finding I had been released from the chair, I went over to join him and saw he was watching something closely. He barely noticed me. When I looked through the window I saw nothing, just the semi-darkness. Slowly the sun came up and made the sea shimmer, the sea-birds floated carelessly and every so often a fish was to be seen. At this moment I fell in love with the ocean and knew I would come back here one day when I was not a captive.

We must escape soon. Said Lucifer all of a sudden, interrupting my thoughts. "why?"

We will soon be in Denmark ... and I have seen -

"Ava! You're awake!" announced an all too familiar voice. I sighed inwardly. and turned to face Skovsgaard, he smiled at me. "I wanted to introduce you to my little friend and to continue our little chat."  he said, holding up a small glass cage containing a small winged girl, although one of the wings was ripped.

I am Serena I heard her voice say in my head, it shocked me that she communicated the same way as Lucifer.

"She was once in the same position you will be in today, sadly she chose the wrong option and will eventually die in this same cage..." After a pause. "Now back to our chat." Serena gave me a sad look as Skovsgaard sent her away with a guard.

"I forget, what were we chatting about" I replied curtly. He frowned angrily for a second, then resumed smiling.

"I have an offer to make you..." he stated. "You and your little friend will join me and make unbreakable vows of obedience, and you will live."



"That is what you say now... you have till we arrive in port to decide." with that he stalked out, I heard the lock click behind him.

We escape today. I can get rid of the glass from the window, but that will alert the guards, so we must act fast.

"but we will - "

You can use your mind to speak like I do, so we are unheard.

O..k.. like this?


Right then, but if we jump through the window we will be in the middle of the sea.

Don't worry about that.

Ermm... okay then. So shall we do that now or later.


I see, get rid of the window then. He jumped up onto his hind legs and scratched a little on the edge of the window, before hitting it with his nose. It shattered and fell into the sea, causing a loud crash. He then jumped through the hole, hover for a second, beckoning me then fell into the sea. In a flash I was up at the window and climbing through, but too late, as I heard the guards rush in, I screamed and with a final effort jumped through.

When I landed in the sea, I looked up and saw the guards' plus Skovsgaard's out of the window, glaring down at us. Skovsgaard opened his mouth to say something, but it was lost on me, as something seized my leg and I was pulled down into the depths of the sea...

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