Blood (The Time for Tears Trilogy) (BK1)

Taro Fox finds herself lost in the horrors of World War 2 in the body of a teenage girl as a punishment for murdering her ex fiance. Banished for three years, Taro faces the dangers of being in the resistance, the difficulties of working with someone who loves you but can't be loved back and the guilt of her actions. Will she survive these horrors?


3. My Sentence (3)

So this is my third chapter! I am loving this story at the moment and can't wait to get into the war scenes in the upcoming chapters so plenty of action to come! I really need some reviews as even if I think the story is good, your opinion is what really matters so leave a comment or review and I will look at your stuff if you do! ;)

About half way through writing this chapter, i broke my arm falling off a startled horse (thank you Hirondelle -_-). the chapter might take longer to write as i only have one hand to use, please remember that!




I was cold. That was all I knew. I couldn't see anything as my eyes refused to open. A strong smell of medicine and bleach lingered in the air and all I could hear was a low humming noise and a beeping, increasing in speed gradually.

I began to tremble, fear coursing through my veins sending huge waves of terror and adrenaline into my heart. My heart pumped faster and faster, sent into a frantic thumping in my chest as the beeping got louder and louder.

My eyes flew open and light blinded me instantly, making my heart thump all the harder. I fumbled around sightlessly then found something stuck in my arm. I wrenched it out before I could even think and let out a small cry of pain. Shouts and voices met my ears, every tone sounding panicked and worried making me let out a small scream of fear.

"She's going into shock! Get the oxygen!" A voice echoed, sounding dreadfully close to my ear.

"Gahhhhh!" I gasped, leaping backwards.

My head clashed against an invisible wall and I let out a bleat of pain, my hands going up to hold my head. Something stopped me, grabbing my arms and pulling me down. The terror and fright reached an all time high and finally I let out a piercing scream before floating away from consciousness...


My eyes fluttered open to reveal a large room with sun shining through the window pleasantly. The room was painted white and light yellow and had a warm ambiance about it. I smiled, feeling relaxed and warm in the comfortable bed. I took a deep breath and at once, the incredibly strong smell of bleach and disinfectant reached my nose, making it burn disgustingly. Then I remembered, making the connection within seconds.

I wrenched myself up from the bed, threw the covers to the bottom of the bed and swung my legs over the side before leaping up. I was hit immediately by a wave of dizziness and stumbled forwards blindly, tripping and falling over nothing as I went. My fall was only stopped by two firm hands on my shoulders.

"I think staying in bed would be wise Miss Fox," a calm masculine voice said coolly.

I blinked rapidly, hoping to push away the fuzziness that blurred my vision brought on by the sudden dizzy spell.

"Huh?" I managed after a few seconds.

The man chuckled and steered me around before sitting me back down on the bed. I did not resist and allowed him to help me and nodded my thanks when he handed me a glass of water. I sipped at it meekly till I finished it and then looked up to meet his eyes.

The man must have been ten years or so older than me but still looked quite young. He was a natural blond haired man with lightly tanned skin and the most startling blue eyes I had ever seen. He was obviously the ladies man and the navy blue uniform showed off the muscle he had which he seemed to use to his advantage as the shirt was tight to show off his chest. I suppressed the snort that begged to follow that detail and looked up at him with an obstinate look.

"Who are you?" I asked tonelessly.

"Mark Summers, your guard." He said with a smirk.

"Where am I?" I asked, still toneless.

"At the hospital," he replied, still smirking.

I stared at him, careful to remain expressionless, pondering over the fact he was trying to come on to a murderer. Well he has good taste! I thought sarcastically.

"Why?" I questioned.

"You collapsed," he sighed, a slight bit of irritation mingling in his voice.

I was tempted to question him further but I thought it best not to goad him and anyway I knew the answers, well I knew them but I couldn't remember them!

I stared at Mark for a while, secretly enjoying watching him fidget under my expressionless gaze, before crossing my legs and resting my chin in my hands, deciding to ignore the guard all together though really I just needed the time to remember what the heck had happened.

Then it clicked. I did it. I killed him. I told them...

I sunk back down, closing my eyes with a sharp intake of breath. I thought quickly back to the very beginning then all the way back to my confession. My chest tightened in pain and I resisted the urge to weep from the amount of pressure and stress I had been having recently but mostly it was the pain of what he did, what my fiancé did...

My eyes began to fill with water behind my eyelids and I quickly squeezed my closed eyes shut harder, pushing back the tears before opening my eyes to see Mark staring at me curiously.

"There is something called privacy Mister Summers," I said curtly.

"Indeed," he replied with a nod.

"Well jeez you know how to take a hint," I said sarcastically.

"Wow you're subtle!" He exclaimed with the same tone.

I glowered at him again and he just stared back with an annoying smile, seeming to enjoy our discussion too much in my opinion.

I heard the door open and I turned to see a woman enter who appeared to be a doctor as she wore a white coat. She shot Mark an annoyed glare before turning to me with an expressionless face.

 "Hello Miss Fox, I am Jade Corbin your doctor. You will be able to leave the hospital as soon as you feel ready and before you leave, Alexandra Thomas will be in to speak to you within the hour. If you require something, just ask a member of staff. Do you need anything presently?" She said tonelessly.

"If you could tell me where the bathroom is, that would be great," I mumbled.

"Second door on the left," she replied with a slight smile.

She opened the door and told me there was a change of clothes for me in the bedside table and added a curt goodbye to Mark before leaving the room.

 I rose, taking the change of clothes with me and left the room, ignoring the guard completely. I headed down the corridor till I found the bathroom and turned to see Mark staring down at me. I stared at him hard but he made no move to leave and when I opened the door to the bathroom, he went to follow me.

"You are most certainly not following me in there Mister," I growled angrily, poking him in the chest fiercely.

He glared at me but did not argue. He placed himself against the wall opposite with an annoyed look. I resisted the urge to smile gloatingly at him and turned on my heels and entered the bathroom which to my greatest relief was empty. I slid into a cubicle and quickly pulled off the hospital gown, grimacing at my showing ribs. I dressed quickly, immediately feeling comfortable in the jeans and shirt.

Finally I came to look in the mirror; the reflection made me grimace. I looked like an utter mess, my hair was greasy and tangled, huge bags lay under my glazed eyes and a sickly pallor lingered in my skin. There was dullness about me and I looked more dead than alive making me cringe in disgust at my overall appearance.

I dragged a hand through my hair hopelessly and quickly splashed my face with water before straightening up with a quick nod to myself and leaving the bathroom.

I opened the door to see Mark discussing in hushed whispers with an older woman. The woman was shorter then me with light ginger curls bouncing down to her shoulder blades, murky blue eyes and incredibly pale skin. Like the doctor, she wore a white coat and an annoyed atmosphere lingered about her though apparently this was not directed at the guard as she seemed to be staring at him longingly.

Mark looked up at me with relief shining in his eyes which he quickly covered with an obstinate look before looking back down at the woman who had turned to glare at me.

"Alexandra, this is Taro Fox. Taro this is Alexandra Thomas," he said tiredly.

"Miss Fox," she purred maliciously, "It is time for the examinations."

"What for?" I growled, glaring at her in an attempt to hide my fear.

"Why your sentence of course!" She gushed enthusiastically, the malicious glint shining in her eyes.

"Which is?" I pressed coldly though nervousness was making me sweat frantically.

She smiled and handed a file with my name printed in bold on it. I opened it without hesitation, determined not to show my weakness whatever the cost, and read the first page, pushing back the trembles in my fingers.

I did not register most of it. I looked down to the thing I needed to know. It read:

As punishment for the murder of Roy Anderson, Taro Fox will be sentenced to THREE years in the parallel dimension 0.823.3. She will be banished to the Black Years period, commonly known as World War 2 in dimension 0.823.3, from 1942 till 1945. Taro Fox will not be given any assistance, protection or help during her sentence and if found given any be anyone from our dimension 0.823.7, those people will be subject to punishment.

0.823.7 Government will not be held responsible for any actions that may cause the subject harm, illness or possibly death.

Taro Fox will be sent to dimension 0.823.3 as soon as she recovers.

My mouth opened and my body trembled. A tear threatened to spill over my cheek and I quickly blinked it away and handed the file back with trembling fingers. Alexandra took it with a satisfied smile and I looked away.

I couldn't believe it. They were sending me back to the Black Years in a different dimension today! I would die. They were sending me to War for Christ's sake! Fear sailed through me and my heart began pounding painfully in my chest, making my blood boil and adrenaline fill my system like water.

I stared up at Mark who looked upon me with pity and then at Alexandra who looked positively joyous. She grinned at me, her eyes full of evil delight.

"Time for the examinations Miss Fox," she purred and I couldn't help the whimper that escaped my chapped lips.

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