Friends of the dark

This is my version of how Dracula and werewolves treated humans ... (sorry if there are some bad mistakes, I'm danish)


8. The silver bullet

They ran to the cemetery and used a person as a bait. Just as the bait came walking into the cemetery, Sukey ran over to catch the bait. If you want to kill a werewolf, you can only do it by using a silver bullet and they had a total of 3 silver bullets.

The man, who should shoot the werewolf was behind a big stone with a younger boy, who was about 19 years old. But when the bait ran past, and the werewolf passed him, the man shut but he did not hit ! The werewolf ran towards the two men, but Sukey the werewolf had not seen the younger man, so when the werewolf had taken away the older man and killed him, the younger boy took the pistol that the older man had lost and shut the werewolf with both of the silver bullet in his heart.

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