Friends of the dark

This is my version of how Dracula and werewolves treated humans ... (sorry if there are some bad mistakes, I'm danish)


3. The friend

Dracula had a friend who's name was Sukey and Sukey was a werewolf. Every time there where full moon, Sukey turned into a werewolf, he was always on the cemetery when he turn into a werewolf.


Count Dracula took the dead girl and went into another house and sucked all the blood out of a boy and  he also took him along with him. Dracula took them both to the cemetery where Sukey was.    “Sukey, I have a present for you” called Count Dracula. Out from a bush came a big werewolf , it ran very fast down to the two children. It tore there hearts out and ate them first and then he tore the dead children apart and ate them raw. Count Dracula promised to come with humans that were alive when there was full moon again. Count Dracula went home and down to the girl in the basement.

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