Winter's Chill

Kathryn Wintrell is running away. Her husband is angry with her and she's afraid of what he might do. The city of London is beckoning her and she is longing for its smoky embrace...


3. Unravelling

Looking at the bed they shared together and the smooth undisturbed side of his wife’s, James felt a thrill of fear.  Had she gone exploring in the middle of the night again? Rushing from room to room, there was no trace of Kathryn anywhere.  Dashing outside James scoured the grounds, but he had a sinking feeling he wouldn’t find her here.  Collapsing onto his knees, he held his head in his hands.  Ever since they married, he had known Kathryn was different.  He pictured her laughing face as she danced around the garden when they had first moved in.  She had been so much fun when he first knew her.

Not long into the marriage though, he started to notice her behaviour could be strange.  She would have periods of forgetfulness when she couldn’t remember where she had been and what she had done.  And those periods seemed to be getting longer each time now.  Despite trying to protect her as much as he could, people had started to talk about her in the town, as Kathryn’s strange behaviour became more and more noted.  “Kathryn!” James bellowed in desperation.




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