Winter's Chill

Kathryn Wintrell is running away. Her husband is angry with her and she's afraid of what he might do. The city of London is beckoning her and she is longing for its smoky embrace...


2. Past Times

She had loved James at first.  What young nineteen year old girl wouldn’t?  He was a tall, well-built man with blonde curls and gorgeous blue eyes and an easy charm that made him popular in the town they lived in.  “Quite a catch” many women murmured, as he walked by.  Kathryn had certainly thought so on meeting him for the first time.  At just twenty-two, he was new in town after moving down from London to take over the estate that had been left to him by his uncle.  Kathryn had thanked her lucky stars when he proposed three months later.  Everyone had always said that she was bound to make a good match, but she had never really believed them.  How happy she had been back then!

Seven years later though and how different things were.  James had become possessive and jealous and the relationship had been strained for a long time now.  She often wished for the old James back, as this new James was irritable with her most days. ‘Why can’t he leave me alone?’ For a long time now, it felt as if he followed her around the house they shared keeping track of her every move, making Kathryn feel claustrophobic and trapped.  She often caught herself staring across at him and questioning who he was. She wondered when it was that they had started to become strangers to one another…

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