The Arranged Marriage

For the people who don't know about arranged marriages, these are the types of marriages in which everything is decided by the family of the bride and groom including who their children are going to marry. More than marriage of two people, it is a union of two families. Please read this story although I have published only a small portion now.


4. Spending Time With Ma


"Where are you?" Trupti shouted over the phone.

"I am with my friends. What happened?"

"Ma is driving me nuts. She taught me to cook so many dishes all at once and every time I did something wrong, she shouts at me. Actually, she has been shouting at me for whole two hours. And she does not even consider that it is the first time I am trying these stuffs."

Preeti let out a gasp of air on the other side. "Where are you, Di? I am hearing double voices."

"I am in the bathroom right now. It was the only thing I could think of to get off her."

Preeti's laughter resounded out of the handset to Trupti's ears. The frustration that had been burning inside her suddenly erupted out.

"Great. So now you find this funny. I think I am about to pass out in here and you are laughing at me."

"I am sorry, Di, but you need to do it. Otherwise, your mother-in-law may not let you in her house."

"Please come over here, Preeti. I can't handle Ma alone."

"The movie is about to start. We have already bought the tickets."

"Preeti, let's go. Or we'll miss the beginning." Trupti could hear Reecha shouting from the background.

"Coming," Preeti shouted back to her. "Di, I'll come as soon as the film is over, okay?" and she hung up.

Trupti felt the rush of blood pump in her forehead. She slammed the flip of her phone. How could Preeti just ignore her like that?

Trupti slammed the cold water to her face. Her phone began to vibrate on the basin. Not caring to dry her hands, she answered it.

"Hello!" she yelled.

"Um... Is it Trupti?"

Slowly, as the male voice began to register in her mind, her temper began to subside. She knew who it was. But she didn’t know how he had gotten her number.

"Yes," her voice came out weak. She cleared her throat.

"It's me, Sumer. Um... Are you free tomorrow? Can you meet me?"

"I need to go to the college tomorrow."

"Well, then, what time does your class end?"

"Around 12."

"Great, then I will come to pick you up."

Her heart began to pound on her chest.

"Fine then," her voice had dropped again.

"Okay, see you tomorrow then." And he hung up.

Her hands positioned themselves on the brim of the blue concrete. She raised her head to grinning reflection of herself in the mirror.

I have got a date tomorrow. Her eyes twinkled at the thought.

"What are you doing in there? It's been more than ten minutes. Come out now," Ma's voice rang from the corridor.

Trupti opened the door, the smile still stuck in her face. She knew that even Ma could not spoil her mood for now.

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