Blowing Away

When Lilly and her sister, Amy, are carried off by odd, winged demon-like creatures, it's up to Lilly to help them survive-and get an escape plan while they're at it. This is a work in progress, constructive critism and compliments are welcome and encouraged. Thanks! :)


7. Souls For Breakfast

"S-souls?" I whimpered softly. The fairy nodded her head vigorously. "These are souls from the deceased, you see!" she shrieked in excitement. I looked down at Hestia who had abandoned her fork and was prodding the slop with her finger, her nose upturned in distaste. I sighed and took the fork sitting almost patiently next to the dish, poked at the blue mush for a minute, and finally gathered some onto my fork. I sniffed at the alien food. It felt as though everyone was holding their breath. Everyone froze, and that included that girl sitting next to me. I licked at it, and finally quickly threw it into my mouth and swallowed quickly, just to get it over with. All the odd creatures stared in disbelief and excitement, breathless. All was silent for a minute. The blue goo tasted something like pure water in an almost-solid form, mint that was not so minty, but more sugary, it tasted like pure, refreshing air itself. In disbelief, I thought "Wow, that wasn't so bad at all!" I offered some to Hestia and after sniffing at it, she took a huge bite that engulfed almost the whole spoon, handle included. She was silent for a minute, and smiled in delight. The monsters cheered, but I didn't know why. They offered us some more, and we happily obliged. These actually tasted different! One tasted like chocolate, another like mint chocolate chip, and some tasted like something completely different, some nameless flavor. We both delighted in the meal, and we were lead away back to our cabin.

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