Blowing Away

When Lilly and her sister, Amy, are carried off by odd, winged demon-like creatures, it's up to Lilly to help them survive-and get an escape plan while they're at it. This is a work in progress, constructive critism and compliments are welcome and encouraged. Thanks! :)


4. My Name

"Good." The Shingami hissed with delight. "You can take thosssse two fake namessss as your Sssshinigami namessss. Those are your new namessss now. Welcome, Artemis and Hestia!" Suddenly, there was a flock of different beings surrounding my little sister and I... and they appeared out of nowhere with no warning except a sudden cold gush of wind. There was a small girl who looked something like a fairy, except she was three feet tall instead of three inches, though she did have wings. There was a man who had hair on his chin, none on his head, was green, and was four feet tall, with three eyes. And, of course, there were those ugly creatures like the one that had brought us here. They all stood around us, beaming, or what I hoped was beaming. Maybe those were ravenous looks of ferocious hunger. My little sister shrinked back against me, and I cringed in fear, hugging Amy. "Welcome!" They all cried in delight. The fairy piped up in a squeaky voice, "There are so little of us these days, and arrivals are rare, we're happy to have you here!" All the other Shingami grinned and nodded in agreement, glancing at each other joyfully. Some even had tears in their eyes. If they had eyes, I mean. I looked around still alarmed, and sighed. I was kind of worried at where this was going.

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