Blowing Away

When Lilly and her sister, Amy, are carried off by odd, winged demon-like creatures, it's up to Lilly to help them survive-and get an escape plan while they're at it. This is a work in progress, constructive critism and compliments are welcome and encouraged. Thanks! :)


5. Changes

I woke up, groggily and barely alive. Amy was still asleep. I got out of the bunk bed in the hut they had given us. THEY. I thought with distatste and bitterness. Those terrible, cruel monsters. And what will Mother and Father say when they realize we've disappeared? I wondered, feeling tears swelling up my eyes. Wait, what time is it? I looked around. There was the bunk bed and a drawer for clothes, but no clock. I couldn't even really tell if day or night. Up in this camp, there was only one thing - fog. You could barely see past your nose, except in buildings. I sighed and looked in the drawer. There was...a bow and lots of arrows. Was this because of my new name, Artemis? I had to get used to it now, being called Artemis. I saw some light, brown and green clothing in the drawer, as well, and threw it on after shaking off my other clothes and folding them into the drawer. There were clothes for Amy, too. They looked like a white cloth and long, spotless skirt folded carefully away. They practically shined, they were so clean. I softly shook Hestia awake and whispered calmly, "Do you want to change?", offering her the clothes. She nodded sleepily, and I helped her put on the flowing skirt and cloth, that appeared to be a shawl that draped over her head and upper body. Well, here we were, dressed like Greek gods, wondering what to do next. What an odd position for a 12-year-old tween and 3-year-old preschooler to be in.

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