Blowing Away

When Lilly and her sister, Amy, are carried off by odd, winged demon-like creatures, it's up to Lilly to help them survive-and get an escape plan while they're at it. This is a work in progress, constructive critism and compliments are welcome and encouraged. Thanks! :)


1. An Odd Visitor

"W-what are you?" I stuttered as the...the...THING came closer. It had leathery, bat-like wings along with a black, bony body. You could see it's ribs sticking out as if it hadn't eaten for a century - and was ravenous. And the most revolting thing was it's face. It had no eyes or nose-just a hideous, toothy, gnashing mouth set in the center of it's oval head. It slouched when it walked, and it's long, rugged, dirty nails brushed the floor as it stalked ever closer to me. I cradled my younger sister, Amy, in my arms. She was three years old, and didn't deserve to be staring into the face of such a horrible beast. She had curly, blond hair and blue-gray eyes that stared innocent and frightened up at me, and then to the monster. "We...are to take you...and the child..." It hissed as it pointed a bony finger at my little sister. "What are...Shinigami?" I implored quietly as I hugged Amy to my chest. And it gave the most frightening answer: "We are...Death Gods...and we were ssssent to claim you..."

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