Stalked by a shadow figure and haunted with nightmares that seem real, Sarah Fraser has been sentenced to life in a mental institute for the murder of her two best friends. When the figure begins to invade her every thought, the lines between what's real and what's not begin to merge, causing her to fear for her life....


12. Epilogue

It was cold and damp in places, but they liked it. When Paul had awoken from his coma three months past and settled back into work, he had decided that Carrie was to move in with him somewhere new, for her safety. Of course Carrie knew the real reason and she felt the same way, only none of them had managed to tell one another that yet, so she agreed anyway. The house was old, really old but there was something about it that felt homely to Paul, he put in an offer that day in fact and they were attending a viewing now. The estate agent had persisted that this house was a winner and a lot of interest was surrounding the property but Carrie could tell she was supposed to say that as part of her job.

Carrie thought if Sarah would have liked it as much as she did, but that was all behind her now. Sarah had been moved to a different hospital, the only survivor and therefore the only suspect. Carrie visited her a few times and she seemed happy enough just to be alive, so that eased her worries. Obviously everyone thought she was more stark raving mad then before when she explained the story to them, and so there she was. Carrie blamed herself for not being able to prove her innocent for the double homicide case involving her friends but Sarah had told her to go live her life instead of worrying about a lunatic.

Carrie was happy at long last, starting something new with Paul was exciting and different. Maybe one day they could have children together and be a family, yes, this looks like my family home, she thought smiling. Upstairs Paul was checking out the bathroom, a bit work needed doing but that was okay. The bedroom at the far end of the hall appealed to him most, almost instinctively he walked to the door, moved inside to a chest of drawers, cobwebbed and dusty.

On top lay a small wooden jewellery box, exquisite in it's design, he noticed. His hand was in his pocket, clutching something. Bringing it out, he fingered it onto his palm, rolling it about. The necklace was a mess, in bits even, but the small vial in the centre was still intact. He smiled, placing it into the jewellery box. 'No one can have it now, i will keep it safe, yes that will make mother happy'. He rejoined Carrie downstairs, walked over to her, smiled her favourite smile and said, "So? What do ya think?". The End

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