Stalked by a shadow figure and haunted with nightmares that seem real, Sarah Fraser has been sentenced to life in a mental institute for the murder of her two best friends. When the figure begins to invade her every thought, the lines between what's real and what's not begin to merge, causing her to fear for her life....


6. 5.

It was a dream again, or nightmare, she wasn't sure. The corridor spread out in front of her, Always a corridor, why?  she thought. Sarah's body had been taken over again, the lack of control made her helpless and she felt sick, the taste of metal poisoning her tongue. There was an alarm wailing away in the distance, just out of reach of her hearing. Whatever was controlling her limbs forced her to walk forward, continuously for what seemed like forever. The walls were mis-shapen and melted into the floor, yet she could see from the corner of her eyes that mirrors lined the melting concrete, untouched by whatever was happening around them. No matter how hard she tried, Sarah's head refused to turn, not letting her see the reflection of herself as she sauntered by the mirrors. It felt as though the body she was in knew what she wanted to do but refused to let her have the free will to do it.

The end of the corridor was in sight now, Sarah realised she was unable to feel, everything completely numb as though nothing belonged to her at all. The body turned left and for a fleeting moment she thought she saw the reflection in the mirror but dismissed it instantly when her hand reached out to open the door in front. Panic overtook everything when she realised she knew this corridor, more than that in fact, i live here! This is Mary's cell, why would it take me in here? Please stop this please! Suddenly, Sarah remembered this was only a dream, but it felt so real the panic overtook everything again and she began to scream. Her mouth remained closed, however, and no sound permitted itself leave from her vocal chords.

Mary was sat on the end of the bed, smiling. Smiling? why is she smiling? For god sake Mary RUN?!! It was becoming too much now, too real. Her body knelt down beside Mary's bed, putting it's face a short distance from hers and then the body planted a small kiss on Mary's head. What is going on? really i am completely insane now, dream or not! "Hello dear, you haven't been to see me in a while, your not trading me in for a younger model are you?", The conversation was taking place regardless of wether she could hear herself speaking or not, she was aware her lips were moving but  could only hear Mary's replies, as though chatting to an old friend.

"Oh yes, be careful with that one, compliance is not her strong suit i can tell you, i'm glad you came to see me dear, it's been ever so lonely since we last spoke, what with my husband in the morgue and all," she was still smiling. Sarah's lips moved again, she tried to imagine the sounds her mouth was making as she felt the lips move but it was no use. Mary laughed affectionately at her, " Be gentle will you, she's not as wise or strong as an old ox like me you know, i think she is scared of you poor girl". Is she talking about me? This is crazy.

                                                                                                   * * * The car journey had been longer than Carrie had remembered since being here last, but the place was as familiar as the back of her hand. Paul exited first, examining the tall iron gates  at the entrance to West Lodge, which seemed to be locked. "Great!" he sighed, kicking the gates with the heel of his boot. " An emergency they said, quick as you can they said, yet there is no one here but us", Carrie put her hand on his shoulder as if to comfort him, she smiled and said, "well, have you tried ringing the doorbell?". He gave her a look that let her know he felt as stupid as she made him feel and pressed his finger to the buzzer at the gate. A faint buzzing could be heard from a distance, as though he had just woken a hive of angry bees at the press of a button. A small camera stood above it and whirred round to inspect his face, yet no one answered or even acknowledged that he pressed it at all.

Carrie sighed, sticking her fingers up at the camera impatiently, "Come on, we'll go round the back see if there's a way in this shithole". Paul followed, heavy splodges of water pouring from the clouds above soaking them both through to the skin. The weeds that surrounded the outer wall of the Lodge were immensely thick and walking thorugh them proved to be difficult, Carrie had gotten tangled more than once and Paul had fallen over multiple times, much to the amusement of one another. "Come on, we're here now", she smiled, brushing soaking wet hair away from her mouth. A small crevice was missing from the rusted fence, just enough for both of them to squeeze through into the courtyard on the other side. It was empty, they noticed, leaves and rubbish swept into the air by the gusts of wind only to be cruelly pinned to the floor moments later by lashings of rain. 

"Creepy", Paul said, taking out his flashlight. "Hmm, wonder why all the lights are off, it's still dark", Carrie took out hers as well lighting the way ahead. All of the windows had the blinds drawn so there was no way to see in through those. Paul had taken it upon himself to kick open the fire exit, it had taken three hefty kicks already but on the fourth it splintered with ease. "Ok Rambo, calm yourself down", Carrie mused, slipping inside out of the rain. No sooner had they stepped inside than an unbearably loud alarm began to sound. Carrie mouthed to Paul that this was his fault for smashing the door in, but he couldnt see her mouth well enough in the darkness to notice. They proceeded on through to reception, trying to find a member of staff.

There was a ward nurse sitting at her desk, seemingly unaware of the alarm as she sat there in front of her computer screen. The light from the monitor framed her in a way Paul thought was unnatural. He moved towards her and tapped her on the shoulder but she never even flinched. Carrie joined him, they looked at one another and they both knew instantly. Paul grabbed her arm and span the nurse round on her chair. Carrie recoiled as her face came into view and vomited remnants of her wine and supper all over the desk. Spluttering and coughing, she regained composure to examine the woman. 'Jackie' , her name badge read, the first thing that Carrie noticed as always, ever since joining the FBI she could remember the name of every corpse she laid eyes on, Jackie had just been added to the long list. Ward Nurse Jackie's left eye was completely missing from her skull, along with most of that side of her face. Paul thought it looked like something from a movie but was too panicked to say so. His guard was up the moment he saw her sitting in front of the computer.

Both Detectives had their guns raised now, leaving Jackie in peace at her computer. They entered the first door on the left of reception, where the wards and therefore the patients were kept, all the while deafened by the sounding alarm and completely unaware of the black shadow figure watching them from the fire exit they had broken their way in through.

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