Stalked by a shadow figure and haunted with nightmares that seem real, Sarah Fraser has been sentenced to life in a mental institute for the murder of her two best friends. When the figure begins to invade her every thought, the lines between what's real and what's not begin to merge, causing her to fear for her life....


3. 2.

Thirty miles east of West Lodge, were the headquarters of the FBI, a modern glass and steel structure that looked completely out of place in its countryside surroundings. Locals in the area had protested for years, day in and day out to prevent it from being placed there to no avail. The government had stated that it was a matter of national security and the site was locked down, effectively cutting off any unwanted attention from civilians in the area. Detective Inspectors Carrie Ward and Paul Mortem had just arrived in their joint office for todays work. It had been a year ago today that they were both closing the Sarah Fraser case. Paul had always thought Sarah was guilty and was happy with the result of life imprisonment in West Lodge, although he always said that locking her in a cell and throwing away the key would have been his personal preference of justice. Carrie on the other hand had always thought there was something odd about the case and felt as though there was no motive for the girl to do what she was imprisoned for or any solid evidence to back up the sentencing. When the trial had taken place, however, Carrie had no actual evidence or reasoning, other than a hunch, as to why Sarah was innocent and when she was found guilty, it just felt like the only possible outcome at the time. Arguing with Paul was Carrie's favourite past-time, "Yes yes alright, i get it already. If it were up to you we would have them all crucified and burned!", she argued, putting down her handbag and case files. "Here here!, listen C, no matter how long a man or woman or child even is put away for killing another man, woman or child, it'll never be long enough for me," he spluttered, burning his lip on the hot coffee.  Carrie turned away to hide her grin, disguising it as though she was just turning to take a seat,  knowing that nine times out of ten he was right. Of course he was never allowed to know that, his head was big enough already, she thought. "Ok, your right as always Detective Inspector smart arse". "I know i am", he grinned back at her. "So, what have we got?", he quizzed, a serious expression falling across his face. Carrie called this his 'work' face. One thing she could never fault Paul on was his efficiency as an FBI agent and as he had saved her life on more than one occasion, she was glad to have him as her partner. "Well, police station got a call last night at around three in the morning, woman called Helena Macarthy. Says here she was hysterical and crying, they sent us the tapes," she told him inserting the tape into the audio player in the middle of the desk. The tape began to play,  "911 emergency, what assistance do you require?" "Please! help me... oh god... help me someone please" "Ma'am please try to stay calm, can you tel mel what is wrong?" "Hello.... i think there's someone in my house... i can hear them in my room!.. please send someone please" "Ok can you tell me where you are in the house?" "I'm in my room... there's someone here" "Ma'am if you think theres someone in your room and you are in there yourself can you see anyone?" "............." "Hello, Ma'am are you there?" At that moment just before the tape finished, an earpiercing scream came from the audio player and  the call ended.  Carrie and Paul both sat for a while, contemplating the horrific phone call they had just heard and tried to make sense of it. Paul spoke first, "Prank call maybe?", he suggested. "No, definitely not, it says in the report that Helena Macarthy was found ten minutes after that call, hanging by a rope from her bedroom ceiling," she replied, scanning the reports for more information. Paul came in with another suggestion, "Okay, so the victim is upstairs in the bedroom, she hears someone breaking in downstairs and panics, picks up the phone and makes the call before being murdered?". Carrie scanned the reports looking to confirm his theory, "Hmmm, nope, no signs of entry forced or otherwise, her next door neighbour says that all the doors were locked when she tried to enter the Macarthy residence after hearing that scream from the phone call," she looked confused. "So she hung herself?," Paul chimed in. Carrie looked at him, thinking it over, "Did that sound like a woman about to hang herself?". "I guess not, question is..?"  he started. Carrie finished, "...who was in that room with her?".

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