Rites of Spring

A list of things to do this spring. A fantastic foray into the next couple of months. This is not a continuous story but rather a sequence of flash fiction chapters. Created using a shorter, earlier version published in the online magazine "> kill author" and a recent springtime entry on my blog marcusspeh.com — I'm working on a German translation of the original "Rites of Spring" to be published here, too. This story will only be online for a while as a teaser for the publication of my collection of short stories by MadHat Press | http://bit.ly/Hs6npD


14. Hair

I will console myself with pink hair rib­bons though I don’t have much hair but I have women in my life and through these women hair inevitably falls over my eyes when a woman for exam­ple puts her head her beau­ti­ful head next to mine and shakes her mane then the hair will frame my face as if it was my own and at the end of each hair hangs a promise because that is what hair is a promise of youth.

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