Rites of Spring

A list of things to do this spring. A fantastic foray into the next couple of months. This is not a continuous story but rather a sequence of flash fiction chapters. Created using a shorter, earlier version published in the online magazine "> kill author" and a recent springtime entry on my blog marcusspeh.com — I'm working on a German translation of the original "Rites of Spring" to be published here, too. This story will only be online for a while as a teaser for the publication of my collection of short stories by MadHat Press | http://bit.ly/Hs6npD


6. Choices

Every morning this same set of choices: to eat or not to eat. To drink or not to drink. And how much. To shit or not to shit (no issue with volume there). To smoke or not to smoke (you still with me?) And moods! Go down in flames like a cleansing Easter fire or hold my breath indefinitely as we all learnt to do it, years at a time, swallowing sarcasm. Uncomfortable morning truth: I’m not a bird. I feel my bones, every one of them, nasty needles. I can fly but I must write my own wings first. Shall I touch the tender spot above my April blooming heart for help?

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