Short descriptive chapters on each emotion I have chosen, hope you like it!


5. Jealousy and Embarrasment

Tomatoes come to match my face, Fury was written all over my fore head. The girl boasted about her £5 million pound shoes, I felt left out with her attention. People giggled at my beetroot face, The girl ignored me walking round flashing them of. 'What I show off!' I should shout letting the world meet my emotion. But if people here such anger and jealousy would not understand me? I let my jealousy break free I say horrid comments as I spat in her face. People started surrounding me I felt embarrased like I was alone singing on a stage for I can't sing. The Embarrasment replaced my strong jealousy, people were laughing and giggling, the girl treated me like vermin back saying how poor I must be in my dirty, tattered trainers, I feel embarrased...

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