I don't know what I thought about when I wrote this.
Sorry for the grammar mistakes and what else kind of mistakes I do (;


1. ~

The skies seem so sad today.

- Is it because of you?

The road I now walk on, I’m all by me.

- Why aren’t you here?

We used to go, side by side, everywhere we went.

Your lovely smile reminded me of the sun.

- Why did you ever stop smile?

The wind is so cold now.

- Why aren’t you here to keep me warm?

Sound of the wind blowing in the trees.

- Is that your lonely, singing voice?

- Why? Why aren’t you here?

You said that I was the one.

- How could you just abandon me and leave?

I felt alone, you where there.

Now you left me here, all by myself.

Please, don’t go. I love you.


You said that the scars I made would go away.

But what about the scar you left in my heart?

- Would it go away too?

Please, walk me home, as you used to do.


Don’t leave me at this please, all alone.

When I close my eyes, I still see your lovely smile.

Please my angel, smile to me again.

Your skin is cold now. You’re in a deep sleep.

Please, say my name, call me a crybaby with the sweet voice of yours.

But you can’t do that anymore. I want to be with you.

Please my angel, just until I get there.

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