fashion fairytale

when autumn discovers what being a really famous model really is , she struggles trying to get her life back and fighting of everyone who wants to be her friend just for the fame.


1. what dreams are made of

"AAAAAAAAAHHHH" autumn was jumping up and down reading the letter she got. "oh shut up autumn , gee you really need some friends" while closing her bedroom doors autumn shouted "oh shut up derek". Derek was autumns little brother .

Autum was 16 and derek was 13 , they both live with their mum , samantha, and her fiance , mat. their mother was divorced, derek and autumn got to visit their  father every other weekend.

Autumn jut got a reply from the modeling againt , he loved her test shoots , they were to die for! "im gonna be a model" autumn though for her self, this is the beginning of her new life .

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