Erica wakes up a morning, ready to meet up with her best friend, Samantha. Everything seems different, but Erica can't figure out exactly what. However, when she arrives home, she figures out what's wrong.


1. Lullaby

It was morning. The bright sun came shining through the small gaps in the blinds. Erica slowly opened her eyes. The spring break had started, and she was in no rush. The light was bright, and she felt blinded. She rubbed her eye, and looked at her cell phone. No new messages. Though, it was pretty late. Erica grunted a little, and turned in her bed to get cover from the sun. She crawled into a small ball. “I don’t want to get up” she thought to herself.

Erica’s phone vibrated. She looked at it. “Meet up with Samantha in 30 minutes” blinked on the screen. “Oh shoot!” she exclaimed.

She quickly rose from the bed, and almost felt over her duvet. She found some clothes in her closet and threw them on. She was in a rush. Her and Samantha hadn’t seen each other since Samantha moved, and they had planned this for a long time. Erica did some quick make-up, grabbed her bag, and ran out the door. “Bye mum, love you” she yelled from the hallway.

She rushed down the stairs. She HAD to catch the bus! Otherwise, she would have to wait for another 30 minutes. She could see the bus stop from afar. The bus had not yet arrived. Erica sprinted for the bus stop; meanwhile she tried to find her ticket in her messy bag. As she reached the bus stop, the bus had just arrived. Erica breathed heavily as she entered the bus. The sprint had really taken her breath away. She pulled her cell phone from her pocket, and texted Samantha. “I’m on the bus now. I overslept -.-“

She put her cell back in her pocket and sat down on a seat. She took a deep breath. Not many people were on the bus. Not that she’d expected many, but it was Easter after all. Her pocket vibrated. “It’s okay :)”

Erica smiled. She’d expected Samantha to be irritated, but she wasn’t at all.

A few bus stops later, Erica got off the bus. The sun was shining, and the weather was lovely. She walked down the street, towards the mall. She and Samantha had planned the entire day. But since Erica had plans for tomorrow, they couldn’t spend the night together.

Erica entered the mall. It seemed empty. “Where are you? I just entered” she texted Samantha.

She looked around. A few seconds later, Samantha came running towards her. She had seemed to appear out of nowhere. Though, she smiled and hugged Samantha. “I’ve missed you soooo much!” Samantha said.

Erica smiled even more. “I’ve missed you too” she replied.

Samantha let go, and they walked through the mall. It was bigger. Bigger than the one near Erica. Samantha blabbered away about tons of stuff. Though, Erica didn’t pay much attention. She just enjoyed being with Samantha. She felt warm and fuzzy inside whenever she was near.

Later that day, she and Samantha were at Samantha’s house. It looked so much different from her old house. Her old house looked a bit like her grandmother had decorated it. This looked more like they had stolen the photoshoot for a magazine. They were eating dinner. Samantha’s mum had always made delicious food, and it was part of that that made Erica love spending time with Samantha. It was already dark outside. Erica knew she had to head home in not too long, if she wanted to get home in time for sleep. Even though she really wanted to stay with Samantha, she couldn’t. She finished eating, and took her plate to the kitchen. “Well, I will have to get going now” she said to Samantha.

“Okay...” Samantha said sad.

“I’ve really enjoyed today” Erica said smiling.

Samantha looked at Erica and her cute smile. It made Samantha smile too. “So have I” she said.

Erica slowly walked to the big hall, and took her bag. “Promise me, that we’ll met again soon” Samantha said.

Erica nodded. “I will” she said and hugged Samantha.

She waved, and walked out the door. It wasn’t really cold outside, but it was still cold enough for her to put on a sweater. She walked to the bus stop. It wasn’t too far away. Samantha had suggested that her father could drive Erica home, but she had refused the offer, since she felt like they had already done enough. She didn’t want to cause any trouble.

When she arrived home, the little apartment seemed unusually empty. Only the light in the kitchen was on. “Mum?” Erica yelled. “Are you there?”

“I’m in the kitchen, honey” her mother replied.

Erica dropped off her bag in her room, before she walked to her mum in the kitchen. She was cleaning the dishes, facing away from Erica. “How was your day, sweetie?” she asked.

“It was great!” Erica answered. “It was wonderful seeing Samantha again!”

“That’s nice, sweetie...” her mum said dull.

Something seemed different about her. “Mum?” Erica asked.

“Yes darling?” she replied.

“Are... Are you okay?” Erica continued.

Her mum started laughing in a creepy way. “Of course I am...” she started. “Sweetheart!” she laughed loudly as she turned to Erica.

Her face was disfigured, with a big clown-ish smile on her face, filled with sharp teeth. Her eyes were black, creeping Erica out.

Erica screamed, as she ran out of the kitchen. “YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER!” she screamed.

“Come back, darling!” her mother laughed, clumsily making her way out of the kitchen, while knocking pots and plates to the floor.

Erica ran out the front door, and knocked on her neighbour’s door. “HELLO?” she yelled while knocking rapidly on the door. “ARE YOU THERE?! PLEASE, HELP ME!” she cried.

But nobody answered. She kept knocking on the door, but nobody was there. In the end, Erica grabbed the handle. She quickly twisted it and burst open the door. “PLEASE, HELP ME!” she yelled.

Nobody answered. It wasn’t until that moment she realized there were none. It was just never ending darkness hiding behind the door. She was just about to scream, but didn’t. The same moment, she heard her mum crawling through the hallway. “Why are you running away, darling?” she grinned.

Erica looked at the creepy woman. She had no idea of what to do, but unless she did something soon, she would never see the sun again. She started running up the stairs to the 3rd floor. The building wasn’t very tall, but it would save her for a moment.

“Don’t run away!” her mum yelled after her.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” Erica screamed while running up the stairs.

They seemed never ending, and her mum was right behind her. But Erica still kept running. Darkness had formed in front of her, and she started to feel a lack of hope, but she still wanted to get away from the woman behind her. She heard a metallic sound from behind her. She looked down, and noticed that her mum had a huge pair of scissors in her hand. “Why aren’t you smiling?!” she asked crazily. “I’ll make you smile!” she laughed while snipping the scissors a few times.

Erica screamed and ran faster. She was almost out of breath, but she had no intention of dying. Not yet, at least. “Don’t you run away from me!” her mother laughed. “I’m your mother, and you better listen to me!”

“YOU’RE NOT MY MUM!” Erica squealed.

“I’ll teach you!” her mum yelled, aiming at Erica with the scissors.

Erica ran and ran, trying to get away from the crazed woman, trying to gut her. Every time her mum tried to cut her open, and missed, it made the stairs shake, making it hard for Erica to run.

She reached the top of the building, left with nowhere else to run. Her mum came climbing up the stairs, aiming at Erica with the scissors. “You’re dead now!” she yelled.

Erica looked around. There was no possible way for her to get out. Except for the window... But it was the 5th floor, and she would eventually die if she jumped out. But she had no other choice. She desperately tried to open the window. “You won’t escape!” her mum laughed maniacally.

Erica opened the window, and climbed onto the window sill. She looked out the window. It was dark, and she could barely see a thing. But it was that, or getting her legs amputated with a pair of bloody scissors. She looked back briefly, just to see her mother right up in her face. She screamed, and fell out the window.

Screaming for her life, she fell down from the window. She was just about to reach the ground when... She woke up. In her bed. In the middle of the night. She looked around the room. It was dark. Shocked from her dream, Erica got up and walked to her mum’s bedroom. “Mum?” she asked. “I had a nightmare.”

“Aw, sweetie...” her mum started.

Erica shed a tear thinking about the horrific pictures she had just seen. Then her mum started laughing crazed, and turned to Erica, only for her to see the same terrifying face she had just escaped. “But the nightmare has just begun!”

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