Behind Closed Doors

Every kid believes that some sort of monster lives in their closet. But what if there really was?
A horror story about a small boy called Jack


2. Innocence

In the centre of the wardrobe sat an innocent-looking doll with thick brown locks that tumbled down it's face. It wore a slightly dirty white dress which was embroidered with intricate flowers.The doll had baby-blue eyes that stared at him. Jack realised how stupid he'd been thinking some untold horror lived inside his average wardrobe. He grabbed a suit and left. Just as he was shutting the door the doll's head began to turn towards him...

Jack raced through the door of his three bedroomed house. The christening had involved quite a lot of sitting around and doing nothing, so he had loads of spare energy he needed to kill. Jack decided he would play football with his Dad.                 

"Go and get the ball from your room then," his dad had said. Jack swung the door open and stifled a scream. There in the middle of the bed, grinning at Jack, sat the doll.

Jack bolted down the stairs. He had to get as far away as he could. He ran into the garden and hopped the fence whilst  his parents weren't watching. He ran past Morrisons and stopped just outside the footbal field that he had played on just days before. Jack heard a twig crack behind him. He whipped his head round and saw the baby-blue eyes staring at him from across the field...

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