The Girl of the Elements

Accalia has always been different, she knows it. But when people start to notice that she seems to be changing in apperence, so does she. Her once brown hair tints to red, her normally tanned skin lightens to almost white. And her eyes from emerald green, to ocean blue. This was a gift, but at the same time, it will kill her. She has to leave everyone she's ever loved behind, except one person...


2. Beliefs and Hopes

At the moment, I've been different. Not in person or spirit, but apperence. And it was easy to notice. My sometimes tanned skin, was like snow, even in the this Summer weather. And my hair. My once chestnut hair, warmed to a firey red, which I loved. But not as much as the difference of my eyes. My eyes shifted from emerald green, to ocean blue. In my opinion, I looked more natural, more. Belonged, homed, who I was supposed to be. Not who I was before, that socially awkward girl. Sitting under a tree with her closest friends at school. Talking, mucking about, generally enjoying what I had. Which wasn't much, to be honest. My Mother died when I was fourteen, Im eighteen now. And fully mature, unlike other people my age. When I was fourteen, I didn't know who I was. I was a goth to be honest, but then I realised. That that wasn't who I was at heart. This is what I am at heart, a girl that doesn't believe in God. That Nature controls itself, and not a man amongst the clouds. That Karma will take it's toll. Bad and illness will happen to those who act wrongly, and Good and health will be gifted to those who are pure of heart. Many people think I am weird, because of what I believe. But I don't care what they think of me, for all I care. They can talk about me, behind my back, and I won't even take notice of it. Because I know, that I'll have the advantages in later life, if I work now. And not slag off other people. I will have the better job, and more money. And I'll have things that I've only dreamed of. Like a big house, a nice car, and hopefully. I'll have the family I have always craved for.

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