A post apocolyptic sci fi story that chronicles the adventures of Spitfire, a survivor of an alien invasion, a soldier for the imperial goverment her whole ideals are transformed when she meets the mysterious Mr Howes. Borrows heavily from the fallout series


1. Prologue

The year is 2044, the date, fuck knows, it’s almost 15 years since the day that changed the world forever. The day that my mother made a sacrifice that was meant to save humanity and rectify my uncle’s mistake, but instead the aliens returned in greater numbers, we were powerless as they spread from city to city destroying everything and slowly taking control. I suppose, I should explain a bit more about who I am and what happened. I am Spitfire, yes that’s my real name, and I am a member of one of the mercenary government groups trying to reclaim control of this wasteland we once called a country. I never knew my mother, she sent me to live in a safe house in the country with my father, well, not my real father he was more a failed science experiment who resembled her husband enough to be viable as a sperm donor.

My uncle and my mother had spent years defending the earth together from alien attacks, one day my uncle decided to go it alone and fucked everything up. In rectifying it my mother was betrayed she fought with the alien leader on top of a stadium and was killed with her own gun. It’s not how it sounds, there was a giant fucking statue of my uncle and my mum outside the stadium, she managed to corner the alien leader on the roof and push him off put he grabbed her leg and pulled her down with him. She landed on the statue, died instantly so I’m told. After that we all celebrated, the aliens were gone, or so we thought, they returned just 5 years later in greater numbers. I was only 12 at the time, we retreated underground to a safe area my mum had built in case anything were to happen to me. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it and everything but I think something inside me just couldn’t cope knowing I was sitting back whilst the aliens took over.

On my 16th birthday I left and headed to the nearest town that wasn’t a smoking pile of rubble, the man on the gate said since I had survived this far I was probably a good candidate, they took me to their governor he at the time had 3 towns under his control and they were referring to themselves as “The Imperial Government of America” I thought it sounded catchy and asked where do I sign, their leader laughed and offered me a cigarette, I’d never smoked until then, but I always thought smoking was pretty cool so when better a time to start. “My name is Harold” he told me “and what is your name soldier?” “Spitfire” I answered affirmatively, he looked at me, studied my face up and down before taking a long drag on his cigarette “You’re her daughter aren’t you?” he asked “Yes, is that going to be a problem?” I replied “Not to me, but some people still resent what your uncle did, I wouldn’t go bragging about it to anyone” “I didn’t plan on bragging sir” “Good you’re hired” he said holding out his hand for me to shake.

So here I am 15 years later stood on top of a building with a high calibre rifle pointed at some guys head, he can’t see me, but I can see everything he does through my scope, I watch him as he walks up to our decoy girl. I cock my gun.



“How much for a good time baby?” The man in the checked jacket asked. Gloria looked up and saw the glint of Spitfire’s rifle and smiled to herself knowing what was about to go down, she tucked her short brown hair behind one ear “depends how long you’re after” she replied nonchalantly “15 minutes should be enough” he said, he smiled revealing several disgusting black teeth, Gloria tried not to wince “30” she replied, the man handed over his money and Gloria counted it before putting it in her pocket. “Follow me” she said leading the man towards a nearby motel, before entering she looked over to Spitfires position good she was still watching. Gloria was a ruthless killer just like Spitfire, in her mind maybe even better, but she knew when it came to a marksman Spitfire was second to none.

Spitfire lit a cigarette as she waited for Gloria to get to the room, she knew the stories about her, how she had once assassinated a high power official from The Independent Texan Army inside his own hotel suite after having sex with him then left the building in her targets suite unnoticed. Spitfire was slightly jealous but when she thought about it was glad she didn’t have to get too up close and personal with her targets in the same way Gloria did.

Gloria looked out the window of her room where she was with her “customer” signalling to Spitfire “why not come over here” Gloria said beckoning the man over “horny men are so pathetic” she thought to herself as the man bounded over to the window position putting himself perfectly rin Spitfires’ line of sight. Gloria gave her signal to fire.

I saw Gloria’s signal and pulled the trigger, my bullet ripped through the air straight through the window into the man’s head, blood and brain flew everywhere. Spitfire 1, Horny guy with bad fashion sense 0, I thought to myself, I looked through my scope again to see Gloria covered in the man’s brain matter looking slightly disgusted, I chuckled, serves her right for standing too close I thought as I stubbed my cigarette out on the roof and slung my rifle over my shoulder before jumping off the roof.

Gloria was exiting the hotel as I reached the town square “next time give me a couple seconds to move before you fire, do you know how annoying it is washing blood and brain out of your hair??” Gloria said I laughed “sorry, next time I’ll try find you some purell.” Gloria tried not to laugh, we were all in such high spirits after a kill, I suppose because we knew we were one scumbag closer to being able to regain our country again, for the right people. Or at least that’s how I thought, I don’t know about the others. This was of course until one mission, the mission that changed everything.



Let me explain more about what happened after the aliens re-invaded, a lot of this is a little sketchy just because being underground you don’t get many newspapers so what I know I have read in books I have come across or been told by my co-workers, so here goes.

The first alien ship re-landed over New York on the 4th November 2034, everyone went into mass panic, those who could afford to escaped the aliens by locking themselves underground, those who couldn’t handle another invasion killed themselves, but within a month the American president handed over power to the alien controllers, his final act was to launch a nuclear attack on the mother ship, it worked in a sense, the ship was destroyed, but the aliens called re-enforcements and by April 1st 2035 aliens had control of every state in America, apart from New York, which is still a danger zone due to the radiation levels. Motor vehicles were melted down and destroyed to limit the movement of humans between towns, women were enslaved and forced to be alien prostitutes. The human race was left powerless, our numbers dwindled due to disease and starvation, even those in the underground shelters weren’t safe a few were wiped out by disease or when air supply’s failed

Then on February 12th 2036 the aliens left, no one knows why, they just got back in their ships and left. I suppose they had already destroyed us though. All our cities in ruins no transport, no government, it wasn’t long before looting and riots spread across America. Eventually those with enough money and enough respect within their community began forming factions, the two largest currently are The Imperial Government of America and The Independent Texan Army, the Imperial Government are considered the traditionalists they want to reclaim America and instate their leader Harold as the new president, they also want to find a method to make New York inhabitable again, restart motor vehicle and weapons production then better equip the country with a national defence system against the aliens should they strike again. The Texan Army stands for a new America of course they want their leader Simon in the white house but they are against weapons manufacturing believing instead that only the army should be able to have weapons and high levels of technology to deter rioting and violence among its citizens, currently the Texan Army has the advantage due to their location and oil supply but those traditionalists who support the old style of life are turning to the Imperial Government. There are other smaller factions and gangs of course; most of them make a living from drug smuggling and ambushing innocent travellers and traders who have dared to venture to a town.

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