The Boy Next Door.

Zara is a typical teenage girl with a wild sense of humour, as the beggining of the story starts of serious, the humour weves its way in. When Zara starts dreaming about the boy that moves in next door she knows that something weird is up, but decides to get to know him and show off her amazing humourous skills.


6. Figuring it out.

My mind feels like a whirl pool spinning round and round I’m so confused on who is who and what is what but somehow I know that Tate is the one who is here with me. Tate fell asleep on my bed I can’t sleep there’s too much going on in my head, how do I know who to trust, how do I know if it is Tate in my room and not Tyrone. I heard footsteps in the hallway as I realised that its 6:30 already dads leaving for work so as soon as I hear his car drive off I will wake Tate up, well I think its Tate...

“Tate?” he rolled over, “Tate wake up!” i poked him in the shoulder as he sat up and looked at me. His beautiful hazel eyes just staring at me, i find myself in a deep dark enchanted maze, i missed that maze. Its different now its as though im deeper in and i understand. Thats when i decided im leaving town.

“Zara, how did i get here?” he looked at me confused.

“you rocked up last night complaining that your life was in danger.” I paused, “you kissed me..”

“Did i really?!”

“no. Would you care if you did?”

“no.” He smiled at me seductively.

I lent forward and kissed him on the cheek, “come on get up and we can make some breakfast” he followed me into the kitchen and after explaining what happened i decided to put forth my idea.


“So i was thinking,” i paused and looked up at him. “That we could leave town..”

“you mean just the two of us? Like running away?”

“YES! I can tell my dad I’m going for a holiday to mums and you can come but we don’t have to come back! Then we wont have to worry about tyrone!”

“woah slow down. That is possible but what will your dad do when you don’t come back?"

"I'll tell him I’m living with mum, i know it will hurt him but i will come back for visits. Mum will let you live with her she’s rich and got the biggest house ive ever seen!”

“then why do live here?”

“well..” i looked up at him and frowned.


“She thinks I’m dead okay!”

“wow. And you want to just show up out of the blue? ‘hi im your daughter’?”

“I haven’t thought of that yet okay! Can we just leave” now I’m yelling at him. Why cant he just go along with my idea!

“why does she think your dead zara?!”

“because i made dad call her and tell her i died in a car accident so that they would stop arguing over who got custody over me, dad didn’t want to do it but i begged and begged until he gave in. I feel bad but i got sick of going to stupid court meetings and interviews when i could of been doing anything else!”

“okay we can go, if you explain to her that you are sorry and you only did it because you were in a stage of depression that you couldn’t handle.”

“will you really come with me, really?!” Tate grabbed the back of my head and gently pulled me towards him as he kissed me.

“does that answer your question?”

I blushed and hugged him before kissing him again.

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