The Boy Next Door.

Zara is a typical teenage girl with a wild sense of humour, as the beggining of the story starts of serious, the humour weves its way in. When Zara starts dreaming about the boy that moves in next door she knows that something weird is up, but decides to get to know him and show off her amazing humourous skills.


1. Dreaming Fantasies.

The cool breeze of the night seeps in through my window, I pull of my warm and comfy blankets so I can get up to close my window. But as I stand something strange happens, I start to fall, but I'm not falling anywhere in particular, I just feel like I'm falling. Then I stop and everything around me goes white. I turn around, what feels like a thousand times, trying to figure out where I am, then all of a sudden someone appears in front of me. A young male, he looks around my age, 16. He has scruffy brown hair and a very muscular build. Some sort of energy seems to be pulling me towards him, closer and closer, and before I know it were standing face to face. He's even more handsome up close, he has gorgeous hazel eyes, the type of eyes that when you look into them it’s like entering a maze, and all of a sudden just by giving him eye contact I become all dizzy and start to fall again. I open my eyes, I'm back in my bed under my blankets, my windows still open and the breeze is colder than ever. I get up, shut my window, and go back to bed to sleep.



The next morning I awake to the sound of birds chirping on my window and the smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen, it smells like pancakes. Then I hear a knock on the door, Maddis here! Maddison Carter is my best friend, she has been since year six. She is slightly shorter than me and she has beautiful dark black hair, she has dark brown eyes and an almost lanky figure but not quite. Today she looks stunning, but that’s normal because Maddi has to look stunning every day. Compared to me with my mid brown hair and similar brown eyes, some people actually mistake us for sisters sometimes, and sometimes we think they might as well be right. When it comes to my looks though, I wouldn't call myself ugly, but I'm defiantly not as good looking as Maddi!



“Zara McCoy! Get out of bed! We’re going to be late for school!” Maddi's at my door yelling, I'm half trying to block her out. I roll over and look at the time. 8:15. Just I was about to protest with her, the time had to change my mind, like every other morning.

“Okay Maddi. Gee give me some time to wake up!” I yelled back at her. I got out of bed and dragged myself into the bathroom to brush my teeth, and then I stroll back into my room put on my navy blue school shirt and my black denim skinny leg jeans. I brush my hair, tie it up in a high ponytail and put on some light makeup. I grab my bag and walk down the hallway and into the kitchen. I say good morning to my father, grab a couple pancakes and rush out of the door following Maddi. As Maddi and I rush to school, I'm rushing to eat my pancakes.

''So why exactly am I bothering to go to school today?'' I ask Maddi sarcastically. She gives me a funny look as if to say 'If you ask stupid questions, you will receive stupid answers.' But I nudge her on anyway.

''Well answer my question!'' I almost yell at her, I hope she realises I'm joking. Of course she knows I'm joking. She cheekily smiles at me.

''What?'' I ask her. She runs of laughing, '

'were going to be late!'' she yells back.



At school during maths, I kind of stop paying attention, and I was just staring out the window when someone familiar runs past and stops at the window. Well when I say familiar I mean I've never met him before but he strangely looks exactly like the boy in my dreams. I stare curiously and then he turns around and we have eye contact, his eyes are set on mine for about 3 mins before the teacher yells out my name and he smiles and runs away. I turn back to the front of class and start paying attention again. I only turn back to the window once and that’s when I get up to leave class, but he wasn't there. After school Maddi and I decide to go over to the local cafe.

"Your turn to pay!"Maddi tells me with the most exited look on her face.

''Why are you smiling like that?'' I ask her randomly, it’s not your normal day when Maddi has that seedy smile on her face.

"Look Zara, over there. Those two guys, they're staring at us!" Zara points over to a table opposite to the window we normally sit, and more like they were staring at Maddi, guys have a habit of doing that.

''Maddi, your hallucinating there's no guys there.'' I look at her and do a seedy wink on purpose.

''Seriously Zara! There staring right at us!'' She's whispering and yelling at me at the same time. I can tell she wants us to go over there. ''No Maddi, there staring at you!'' I half whisper and half yell back.

''Were going over there aren't we?'' I ask her curiously. She replies with a simple nod of her head. We continue walking over and then they get up and walk past us and just as they pass one of the guys look at us, and once again I get reminded of the boy from my dream. We locked eyes for a slight milli second. Then Maddi snapped me out of it.

"Damn it. They left, oh well lets go order.”



That afternoon when I got home I saw a car pulling up next door, and male steps out of the back seat, grabs his suitcase from the boot and walks to the front door of the house. As he walks away the car drives off. The male knocks on the door. He's standing there waiting for about 2 mins in which I notice he has the same scruffy brown hair. Lynn our next door neighbour answers the door she nods and lets him in and as he turns around to get his suitcase I get a good look at his face. The boy from my dreams has moved in next door...


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