The Boy Next Door.

Zara is a typical teenage girl with a wild sense of humour, as the beggining of the story starts of serious, the humour weves its way in. When Zara starts dreaming about the boy that moves in next door she knows that something weird is up, but decides to get to know him and show off her amazing humourous skills.


3. Discovered.

School today was actually alright considering Maddi wasn’t there. It was Tate’s first day, and he mysteriously ended up being in the majority of my classes. Tate is actually a very funny and attractive guy, and he seems to be adapting to my humour faster then I hoped. After school Tate caught the bus back home with me, and asked me if I could help him with his science homework. “Tate, I just have to ring Maddi, could you just wait down stairs for me?” he nods his head and I run upstairs to call Maddi.  It rang out to her message bank.

“Maddison! You have to go to school tomorrow you me and Tate are working on an English assignment together.”

Then I hung up. I ran back down stairs, Tate’s sitting on the couch. I sit down across from him and offer him a drink.  “So I started telling everyone how annoying you are today,” I pause “Oh and that Blake kid hates you already.” I smile at him.

“Well Zara, I told everyone how we were long lost friends and that we knew each other when we were only little kids. Then I told them that when you were only five you picked your nose and tried chasing me around and wiping it on me. I also told them that when you were six you tried kissing me because you thought I was cute.”  He didn’t? No he wouldn’t! I give him the biggest evils. He continues. “Oh I also mentioned how you used to collect my little pony’s and prance around like a horse singing the saddle club theme song.”

“Tell me Tate how do you know it was the saddle club theme song?” I ask him. He doesn’t respond, I feel pleased with myself. “Tate, you have no idea what this school has put me through already, when it comes to my childhood..” he cuts me off.

“I’m sorry Zara..” I stop him.

“Do you have any idea what it’s like not completing the my little pony’s collection? Having to argue with your mother just to get what you want!” I stare at him.

“Well your spoilt!” He retaliates.

“No I am not! I didn’t even get the last little pony!” I couldn’t help myself, I started cracking up laughing at my last words, and so does he.



Half an hour after Tate left, Maddi’s knocking on my front door, which is strange because she didn’t answer her phone and Maddi never rocks up un-announced.  I open the door and the next thing  I know Maddi  starts jumping up and down,

 “Zara, dance with me!” uhm this is odd. What is Maddi doing?! I don’t understand this woman, what is she doing? She started the bikini dance out the front of my house. Then I think she took her shirt off but I’m not too sure, because I ran inside crying! What was my best friend doing? That was not her. I call Maddi’s cell as I watch her dance out in my front yard with her shorts and bra’s on. It rings three times before someone answers.

“Hey Zara what’s up?”  Maddi answered her phone then who am I watching out the front?

“Maddi, you don’t happen to be doing the bikini dance outside my house with nothing but shorts and your bra on do you?” that’s a stupid question because I’m staring at her, she’s outside of my house! But who’s on the phone.

“Zara what are you on about?! I’m at home lying down in bed sick, is everything okay?!” no everything is not okay, who is in my front yard.

“Yeah Maddi I’m fine, I’ll talk to you later.” I hang up and slowly open my front door, the random person is still there and I’m more confused than ever. What’s going on? I walk outside and tap whoever is pretending to be Maddi on the shoulder. They stop dancing and turn around.

“Who are you?!” I shout  “I demand you tell me straight away!” she just stares at me and the next thing I know her face goes all strange, her eyes go from dark brown to hazel and her hair starts getting shorter and shorter, she turns and starts running.

“Stop!” I yell, “Who or what are you?!” whoever it is they don’t stop.  I ran inside and lock my door. I don’t feel safe, I need to go somewhere else were someone can distract me. Tate’s I can go there, it’s only next door, but I can’t tell him what happened he will think I’m crazy!



I knock on Tate’s front door and Lynn answers it.

“Hey Mrs Zanders, is Tate home?” I ask as calm as I can.

“Oh yes he is dear,” she turns around, “Tate! Zara’s here!” she looks back at me, smiles and walks off, I think she’s strange dad says she’s just different. Tate arrives at the front door.

“Hey Zara, what’s up? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?” I just laugh, he has no idea.

“Tate? Would you like to go to the cafe with me for lunch?” I ask him, I don’t know why, maybe it will be a good chance to get to know him, he takes a step back as he responds,

“sure lets go” that’s when I realize how handsome he is, his scruffy brown hair doesn’t even look brushed but it looks sexier than ever, and his eyes their so beautiful I stare into them and feel like I’m entering a maze, I wonder if I will ever find my way through.



Once we got to the cafe I show Tate the table were Maddi and I always sit. He offers to buy me lunch and I let him. The waitress comes to take our orders and when she leaves he starts speaking.

“So what made you come around to mine?” he had to ask didn’t he!

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” What should I say I don’t want him to think I’m crazy, but I kind of want to tell him. “Plus you will just think I’m crazy and tell me I need a doctor.”

“I think you would be surprised,” he smiles at me, his teeth are so white and so straight. “The things I have seen I would believe anything.” He looks at me sincerely, but I’m not fooled he wants to know what makes me think I’m so crazy so he can tell it to the whole school and embarrass me so much that I will be forced to cry tears of depression every night just to put myself to sleep.

“You won’t believe me.” Is all I say, I am not letting myself become crazy! “You really want to know?”

“Yes. I really do.” He says it with complete honesty, I decide I will tell him.

“I thought I saw Maddi dancing in my front yard with nothing but her shorts and bra’s on, but when I called her she told me she was at home sick in bed. Then when I walked outside her eyes changed colour and her hair started disappearing.” I look up at him and realize he has a worried look on his face, but I continue “Then whatever it was ran off, but you don’t believe me do you.”

“No, that was me.” He smiles as he says this and it kind of scares me.

“Hahahahaha, you’re funny. You think I’m crazy and you have already started joking about it.”

“Come with me I have to show you something.”

We walk out of the cafe and up two blocks to an empty ally way, it was kind of dark and smelt really funny, there was graffiti all over the walls and I didn’t enjoy the atmosphere at all.

“Why are we here?” I ask.

“I have to show you something. Don’t get scared. I’m not the only one there’s more.”

“What, what do you mean?” but he doesn’t reply because the next thing I know his hair is growing longer his scruffy dark brown hair goes lighter, but only slightly, his eyes become a lighter shade of brown and I realize now he looks just like me.

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