Requiem: Life on Verigo

Requiem is an epic trilogy, written in an autobiographical style, we get to see the world from the eyes of a street urchin called Rilley Faliin; better known as Daw'ka.

In 'Life on Verigo' we learn about the history of humanity; from them leaving Earth in search of sanctuary, to them colonizing the planet of Astril. Then we follow Daw'ka's life on his home planet of Verigo, as he watches his mother die he knows his life is going to change. He finds love, friends, enemies and tragedy.


15. The Plan

The run to Melro's scrap yard seemed to take no time at all, the adrenaline pumping in my veins making me feel more than human, each stride powered by unbridled fear.
     Blood still staining my hands I banged heavily on the great black gates of Melro's abode. 'Fuck the rhythm,' I thought to myself. 
     "Melro! Melro! I need your help! Please open up." My voice began to break as I became aware of how tired I actually was. 
     There was a pause and the gates opened up, this time no blinding light to obscure my vision. As I turned into the yard Melro was already striding towards me.
     I began to become hysterical now that I met the only man on Verigo that could help me. "I've done something terrible! You've got to help me!"
     Melro slapped me with the back of his hand to calm me down, then struck me in the solar plexus with his cane, winding me and forcing me to my knees.
     "You come to my place of work shouting and screaming and covered in blood? You wanna get me executed boy? Hell son, this had better be good!"
     "I didn't know who else to turn to, I was only doing what you told me to do!" I began to get to my feet, praying that he wouldn't strike me again. "I was protecting Amé, they killed Eliza, I did what I had to do!"
     Melro didn't say a word, he turned away, facing his throne, stroking his beard once more. "Who did you kill?" His voice low, restrained.
     "He was an Imperial officer, he was going to kill Amé!"
Melro spun, eyes wide. "An officer? Oh boy what have you done? What have you done?!"
     He began to pace back and forth, he took a seat on a pile of tires and hung his head, playing with his cane in his hands.
     "I have an idea, gimme five minutes, I have people I need to talk to."
     Melro then took an object out from the inside pocket of his plastic jacket, after pressing some buttons he began speaking to an unknown person. He moved away out of my ear shot and seemed to be rather calm on the phone, despite the situation.
     After about ten minutes Melro strode back, pulled out a receiver from another pocket he pressed the button and the gate doors opened behind me. "Let's go to your home Daw'ka, we have work to do."
     We made it back to my home almost as quickly as it took to get away from it. We met two other met at the door, their names and faces escape my memory, I can't even be sure if I was told their names. Either way it was their job to clear up the mess I made. I refused to go inside, instead I sat on the steps.  
     Affer half an hour the men had cleared up the body and emptied the house of anything that would incriminate the three of us. Amé was nowhere to be seen however, I don't know where she went. 'I wish I could have said goodbye,' I thought, I hoped I would be able to say sorry someday. But it would never be the same. Nothing would. The house now haunts me, it still stands there to this day, but I'll be damned if I ever walk over that threshold once more. 
     With the two men now taking their leave, all the remains now burning in the back along with all of our clothes, books and objects. I was left outside with Melro. He sat me down. 
     "Now that that is done, you owe me boy. We searched the body before we burnt it, he had his identification papers with him. He's not an officer, not yet anyway. It says 'ere he only signed up two days ago for officer training. That's the good news. The bad news is you will be taking his place. They'll be expecting him, well, you." he handed me the papers in his hand, shaking I took them.
     "Your new name is Dominic Jules, you're twenty years old and you love the Empire, got it? If they find out you're lying. You're dead. If they find out you killed him, we all dead, you hear?" I nodded.
    "The papers will see you past the check points to get to the Imperial Academy, be there next Monday for 8am. Take this phone, I'll ring you the night before with instructions. You may be getting paid now by the Empire, but your ass is working for me." 
     I stammered, pocketing the small device from his hand. "Did you have to burn Eliza?" Tears now filling my eyes once more.
     Melro slapped me again, "None of that shit! What's done is done, you have a mission to do! A lie to live! We'll both be swimming in dangerous waters but if we pull off what I've planned, the death of that small girl will be one step to saving us all! Don't make her death be in vain just because you were too weak to carry on!"
     Then out of nowhere, he grabbed and hugged me. Whispering into my ear, "make her proud."
     "I'll ring you Mr. Jules, be ready for a fight too. If this situation with Onyxia continues to get worse, you'll have worse things to deal with than me." With that he bowed, handed me a replica officers suit and then went on his way. 
     So that's how I became known as Dominic Jules, First Officer of the Imperial Fleet. Starting my training only the following week then off to war before the end of the summer. Living the life of a man I murdered, working for a man the Imperials feared on a mission that ultimately would put me in serious danger. But Melro was right, I had to do this, for Eliza, and my darling Amé. 
     A new story was about to unfold.
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