Requiem: Life on Verigo

Requiem is an epic trilogy, written in an autobiographical style, we get to see the world from the eyes of a street urchin called Rilley Faliin; better known as Daw'ka.

In 'Life on Verigo' we learn about the history of humanity; from them leaving Earth in search of sanctuary, to them colonizing the planet of Astril. Then we follow Daw'ka's life on his home planet of Verigo, as he watches his mother die he knows his life is going to change. He finds love, friends, enemies and tragedy.


17. Appendix II

Planetary Environment:

Records show that the settlers had to adapt to a change of atmosphere that they were used to. Astril, being a much younger planet than their Earth; it had with it a higher Oxygen percentage, somewhere close to twice as much at 35%. This meant that the planet was draped in a carpet of rain forests, and forest fires were a major concern; along with what they described as, "dynamic and explosive seasonal weather." Astril's surface was more than 65% water, and with no major landmass to speak of: merely a collection of islands, hurricanes came often and lasted long. 
      It was decided early on that they would not branch out and colonize the entire planet. Doing this might disrupt the environment, something they were quite keen not to do.* Instead they would stay in one place; this was on the largest landmass in the northen hemisphere, located directly on the north pole. This location also meant that temperatures wouldn't go much higher above 25degrees, as heat played a large problem early on, some places were recorded as going as high as 70degrees. 
      Volcanos also were a problem they had to face, all be it not directly. There weren't any majorly large eruptions during their stay, if you don't count the final hours before the planets demise, but there was evidence that seismic activity was frequent. Beautiful pictures were taken from manned orbital flights in 1E52, showing eruptions taking place in the southern hemisphere, expanding what little land there was, while also triggering those biblical forest fires.

Onyxia & Verigo:

Although referred to as moons, they really are just smaller sized planets orbiting their larger, and now dead, brother. They held similarities when it comes to atmospheric composition; except that they both had more stable weather fronts, lower planetary temperature and greater landmass. But also they are far more mountainous than Astril, Mt. Tungsten on Onyxia stands at 32,000 feet.
     Like what they proceeded to do on Astril, the settlers on Onyxia and Verigo also chose to colonize one part of their home world and stay there rather than branching out. They believed if you were to branch out and have a second major city this would could problems. Namely rivalry between cities and ultimately war, also it would lead to people wanting to move between cities, and this was something neither planets government was willing to allow.

*A problem they had back on Earth perhaps, but this was never confirmed.
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