Requiem: Life on Verigo

Requiem is an epic trilogy, written in an autobiographical style, we get to see the world from the eyes of a street urchin called Rilley Faliin; better known as Daw'ka.

In 'Life on Verigo' we learn about the history of humanity; from them leaving Earth in search of sanctuary, to them colonizing the planet of Astril. Then we follow Daw'ka's life on his home planet of Verigo, as he watches his mother die he knows his life is going to change. He finds love, friends, enemies and tragedy.


16. Appendix I

Dating system:

The dating system that began in Astril when they first colonized the planet has been adapted slightly over time. When the ancient travelers first landed on the planet they continued using the Georgian Calendar, January, February ect. Now this didn't fit in with the cycle of Astril around the sun; had they continued it would mean that June one year would be in summer and another year it would be winter. So they shorted the number of days per month to only 25. Other than that the way the months and days are portrayed have not changed at all. 
      What has been adapted is how years are recorded. At first they settled with starting the year from 1DC (Day of Colonization). This was the simplest solution as the time taken to get from Earth to Astril is still not fully known, also with the theory of time being relative to the mass of the object you're near, the maths gets confusing. But when Emperor Alexi came to full power in what would have been 17th August 820DC, he thought that there should be a change so drastic that it would be impossible to overlook, even a millennia later. And so was born the second 'Era'. Years would start again from 1, but writing it changed to this 2E1.
     Emperor Alexi believed that his rise to ultimate power was of a similar significance to when the planet were first colonized. So he set up a system where a new Era would only begin when he or his direct family was no longer in power. Believing himself a god he thought that day would never come, but even if it did the entire population and it's children's children would know that the second era of Astril was ruled over by himself. So was his ego. 
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