Requiem: Life on Verigo

Requiem is an epic trilogy, written in an autobiographical style, we get to see the world from the eyes of a street urchin called Rilley Faliin; better known as Daw'ka.

In 'Life on Verigo' we learn about the history of humanity; from them leaving Earth in search of sanctuary, to them colonizing the planet of Astril. Then we follow Daw'ka's life on his home planet of Verigo, as he watches his mother die he knows his life is going to change. He finds love, friends, enemies and tragedy.


6. Amé Arrives

That bridge would become my home for a few days. After I stopped sobbing I emptied out my bag to check what I had and what I needed. Including what I was wearing I had: one pair of high top trainers, two pairs of tightly fitting dark jeans, two low cut long sleeved t-shirts, a fake-leatherette jacket (almost as old as I was) and some leather gloves which were my Fathers. First on the list of essentials was food and something warm to sleep under, a few cardboard boxes and plastic sheeting would not be sufficient when the winter winds arrive within the next few weeks.
     The rain began to ease throughout the night but the unholy racket caused by dripping water onto corrugated plastic sheeting made it an uncomfortable sleep. I could not have been made homeless in a worse district, and to be a ghost as well is even more dangerous. I was lucky in one sense however, in that I was male. The girls have a much worse time being ghosts. With no laws governing us, and with us having no rights, crimes caused against our kind were not crimes at all, there's no punishment for beating up a ghost. There's no punishment for raping a ghost. There's no punishment for murdering a ghost. 
     These attrocoties happened on a daily basis but no one batted an eye lash. Out of fear of rape the girls would never leave their dens, their hideouts. Regardless of what age they were, all girls were susceptible to abuse. It was not even like we could escape either, unless you show a citizen pass you were never allowed to leave whatever district you were in, not that others were any more tolerant of ghosts. Leaving the city was forbidden too, for everyone though including citizens. The entire city is surrounded by a security wall as well as an electromagnetic perimeter shield. 
     So as I lay under the bridge, draped in flattened cardboard boxes, I tried to piece my head together. I was thinking all about my past life, wandering the streets trying to make friends with the neighborhood kids, but they were so scared, so timid of playing outside that they would never leave the safety of their apartments lobby. I used to sit on a concrete slab, overhanging an open sewer. I would sit holding a stick and poke it into the running putrid water, trying to catch swamp fish. I never did of course.
     The explosions of water on plastic had subsided enough for me to be able to catch some sleep before morning. I began dozing off finally when all of a sudden someone threw the cardboard boxes off from me.
     "Found you!" A girl stood over the top of me, her pretty and youthful face glowing in the neon signs overhead. I saw her eyes change from excitement to confusion within a split second. "Wait you aren't Eliza," she brushed her long red hair out of her eyes to take a better look.
     "Apparently not, no. Sorry." I had no experience in talking to girls, especially attractive ones.
     "Right well, I haven't seen your face around here," she said with a smile, her cheeks going flushed. "What's your name handsome?"
     I stumbled my words, choking slightly on what to say. Then I remember reading a comic book when I was a kid, 'Adventures of Capt. Daws Karns.' It was about a pilot in the Imperial Fleet that fought the evil Onyxia Alliance.
"Daw'ka." I spattered out, "my names Daw'ka."
     "Well it's lovely to meet you Daw'ka, I'm Amé," she held out her hand towards me, still smiling. "Get up lazy bones, you're coming to help me find my sister!"
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