Element of surprise

An awesome investigative mystery story with magic


4. The funny part [ Alazar ]

Four and a half days later a giant met us-Shut up, don't tell them that, they'll want a description of the forest now, not a spoiler.- Sorry, sorry. It was a dark and stormy night and after four days in the forest Afazar had only wet himself twice, what a big boy. Anyway the trees were dispersersersersersering. Sorry, kinda a funny word dispersing. LOL.Anyway, Dad said that we were nearing a clearing and right he was. In front of us shone the most amazing sunlight we had ever seen, I mean in comparison to the dark, gloomy forest we had been searching through for a few days.That was when we saw the cliff. It was tall and dark, grey and steep.

"Oh dear." Dad said slowly.

"What is it?" I asked, not annoyingly but definitely not bravely.

"A very scary fact.That cliff was definitely not there when I came here and not to brag but I know these forests well enough to carve a map on the back of my head without any mistakes."

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