Element of surprise

An awesome investigative mystery story with magic


3. Journey [ Afazar ]

Sorry for that, Alazar was just being cruel. This section is being told by me, Afazar. With the appearance, and disappearance of the mystery soldier Alazar and I decided to leave the village the night before the graduation. Hobbling along on our three legs we vanished into the night. The village was none the wiser. I say we were on three legs because Alazar is connected to me by the left and right leg. I figured that if someone cut the leg off at one hip then burned the wound then it would seal up and one of us would have one leg but we would be seperated.

It'd also be a miracle if we made it through the forest without any encounters but Alazar and I are definitely not miracle workers. Our first sight of a monster was a ten foot tall rhinoceros with horns of steel and a will of iron. Alazar pushed forward and I struck out with my staff. Stabbing the beast in the eye I turned to cheer but unfortunately RhinoMetal charged us from behind and knocked us to the floor ! That was when he arrived. Swinging a sword he put the monster out of it's misery. By "he" you know I mean the black clad warrior.

Again I asked his name and he told me.

" If you must know I am Sir Vladamir, and you are? "

" Alazar and Afazar"

At this the warrior stopped dead. It was as though someone had frozen him in time if it weren't for his heart, beating loudly in the silence of the woods.

" I believe an apology is in order. I am your father, " he said as he removed his mask and lo and behold he looked exactly like us. I mean we had obviously inherited our mothers green eyes but our faces looked his.

That was when he swung his arm down and a stinging came from my thigh. He had cut my leg off. A burning sensation came and I screamed in pain. This was when he gagged me to stop attracting animals and beasts. A club swung towards me and then everything went black.

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