Element of surprise

An awesome investigative mystery story with magic


1. An Unknown Warrior [ Alazar ]

My name is Alazar, warrior extraordinaire. My village follows honesty, meaning on graduation day I have to tell my deepest darkest secrets to the village elder, Dariunar. Once he has decided I have told enough he will accept me as a member, which I don't count on. Every village has chosen a reason why the great war tore us apart. Some chose cowardice, others selfishness, one chose hate. I got stuck with lying. A transfer is unheard of so honest or nothing is my choice. I think all this to myself as I get ready for graduation week. I get up and ready to go to my academy. as I stand up my sister knocks on the door, waking up Afazar. Oh, I suppose I should tell you, I am one half of a siamese twin. My brother has chosen his element, I have not. All of a sudden a siren blared. The war siren!

I was up in an instant, grabbing my bo staff off the wall.Afazar stole his from me, snatching it from my hand. We stood up in unison, an action that required a lot of practice to do succesfully. We charged outside, pushing past my sister who stood thinking about what the siren meant. Afazar and I crashed through the ranks of soldiers who had been assigned to protect this village. Most of them were the scum of scum, drunks who lived for the overtime pay of the raids. Recently raids have been worse than ever, coming more frequently and powerfully than before the rise of the runemasters guild. Suddenly a single soldier breaks the treeline, unarmed and defenceless. An arrow to the eye quickly kills him. Well, our archers aren't that scummy.

This was, apparently, the war signal because hundreds of armed barbarians charge forth. Our forces our almost instantly overcome by the sheer numbers until a flash of polished metal tears through a dozen men. The wielder of this fine weapon stands clad in black, not a patch of skin showing under the felt covering. He fights better than our neighbouring villages combined [ which isn't much of a feat but you get the point ]. Disembowelling our opponents in a matter of seconds he turns to leave. Afazar and I run after him grabbing him by the shoulder as he strides off.

"Can we at least know your name, great warrior ?"

He turns and dissapears wordlessly into the forest, leaving no sign that he had ever existed bar the bloodied corpses by the walls.

That is the end of chapter one.

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