Chase: Cecelia sequel


2. Unusual

They aren't just chasing me because I'm a spy, it's because I have a gift. An unusual talent that none of mankind has ever seen before. I can fly.

This is my only advantage, my only way to live without being caught. The only problem is that they know this, so they will have brought a special type of stun gun with them, the kind that can shoot with great accuracy right up into the air within a fifteen metre radius. The very kind that, with a person with great aim, could shoot me down with one shot and I would fall from a huge hight, right into the arms of my captors. This is not an option, if they get me then I will never be free, I will be forced to help they army, be their secret weapon. This doesn't sound so bad, and it isn't. It is more the fact that I will be a product of science experimentation, I will be disected without dying and then put back together, I will be tested, probed and whatever else they want to do to me. I won't get out unharmed, I will never be free as long as I am in that place. Help me. 

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